Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Pinterest in the kitchen

First let me say, I don't remember life without Pinterest.
I'm sure it was largely un-inspired.
Actually, if I try hard enough I can remember when most of my inspiration came from magazines (I lamented the closing of Domino) and even that was limited.
I think Pinterest deserves the most credit for how my taste has evolved over the past few years.  All of that exposure to out-of-the-box ideas that are actually attainable for people like me, meaning people on a lean budget.  And daily exposure to all sorts of crafty blogs.
I can be found on pinterest much more than facebook.  Is that true for you?

Pinterest is my go-to for:
-Cleaning tips
-New recipes
-Craft & design inspiration
-Toddler activities  (that actually hold my wiggly two-year olds attention)
-and on and on.

Here are a few things that I've tried & found much success with in the kitchen:

Mini Caprese Salad bites : My go-to appetizer.  I just use use string cheese cut up into mini-circles, cheery tomatoes, fresh basil and drizzle olive oil & balsalmic vinegar all over the top.  It is not the least bit heavy, so you're still hungry for dinner when the time comes.
Cooking bacon in the oven : Even though I have to clean the oven afterwards (because there are baby grease splatters on the front & sides of the oven), the bacon is near perfect.
Sopapilla Cheesecake : I take this to Mops when it's my turn to bring a breakfast casserole & I'm almost always asked for the recipe.  I liken it to a cheese danish more than a cheesecake.
Roasted Broccoli : I never really liked broccoli before I cooked it this way.  Sometimes this is all I want for dinner. Yum!


Liene Stevens said...

Yes! I eat SO much better now because of Pinterest. I'm able to follow people who have a similar diet (vegetarian/pescetarian) and have recipes show up in my feed that are new to me and keep me from falling into a rotation of the same four meals. It's changed my quality of life for the better.

Christy said...

Ha! I just made a dinner I found on Pinterest tonight!So funny. Although I am not naive enough to think any of my cakes, crafts etc. will look like the pictures people post. Although I tend to be fashion challenged and so when I need to know if you can wear nude pumps with black dress pants then pinterest it is. ha!

Crystal Keilers said...

Liene, when I was vegan, pinterest was my saving grace. Now I think it helps me gain more weight, than it does to stay healthy. Ha! Maybe I need to "unfollow" all of the bakers & comfort foodies ;).

Christy, yes most things that I cook these days were inspired (in some way) by pinterest. And I do look at pinterest before google on most things design (sometimes fashion) related. Now what did you cook for dinner tonight?!

Jessica said...

Oh yes, I LOVE Pinterest for the kitchen. I always get recipes from there, especially when I'm hosting people :)

All of those things look yummy! And do you ever use fresh mozzarella? Oh boy does it beat the cheese sticks :) I always pick up a pack of it from Costco, especially in the summer :) Oh, and the balsamic reduction you can buy now? SOOOOOOOOOOOOO yummy. Blows regular balsamic out of the water. I always pick it up from Trader Joes.

Crystal Keilers said...

Please ALWAYS pass on your kitchen tips! Love them.

Christy said...

Been trying to comment back but your little security thing was working? Anyways, it wa super easy I just put 4 chicken breasts in the crockpot, dumped a jar of trader joes salsa and a packet of trader joes taco seasoning over the top and cooked it all day. It all fell apart and we stacked it on warm corridas with quac.

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Christy said...

Sooo....I need my Crystal fix. Please post! Ha! ;)

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