Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Just one more good habit...

I'm not one for New Years resolutions, but a few years back I decided to make an annual goal of establishing just one more good habit.  (This way I figure by the time I die I'll be nearly perfect, chalked full of responsible behavior.)

Last year it was to keep a clean trunk.  And I did it!!!
The year before that it was to keep a clean car.  And I did that too!!!
The year before that it was to keep a family birthday calendar.  I failed miserably!!!

So this year I've decided to a load of laundry a day.  Thrilling, I agree.  My habit has been to designate "Monday" as my cleaning and laundry day (& I consider it a firm date with myself, no openings in my social calendar).  I work like a dog all day & end up with a clean house and (mostly) folded laundry.  But the problem is that I work like a dog & end up with a clean house (900 sq. ft apt, rather), but it doesn't stay that way all week.  And I find myself annoyed & stressed on Wednesday.  So the past two days I've done a load of laundry each day (start to finish) and I feel it's motivation spilling into other areas (like I've scrubbed my kitchen floor both nights).  My plan is to take off weekends & wash sheets on the days I don't have a full load of clothes.

But anyway, there's my non-resolution for 2013!  Aren't you glad you know me?  I keep it exciting over here!


Christy said...

Hey I'm ANTI resolution too! I was just telling my girls that I can't make them because then I fell boxed in, like I can't breath. Like I HAVE to break them. I know, I know, its the rebellion in me. ;)

Crystal Keilers said...

Love it! Yeah, I just think if I really want to do something I will. Period.