Thursday, January 3, 2013

I make lists

So I realize that I can't do much without a list.
I can't stay focused in a grocery store.
Or remember the dimensions of something I've sewn a million times.
Or efficiently clean my house (if you were inside of my head while I'm cleaning you would hear me constantly redirecting myself, "One end to the other. One end to the other.")

I need a list to actually accomplish all of the things that swim around in my head.

I also think it's important to add the things to the list that I've already accomplished that day because then I give myself credit for all of the things I do making beds, putting away laundry & emptying the dishwasher.

And side note, I think I've had A.D.D. most of my life & lists are one way I compensate. In fact, I'm pretty sure of it.


Christy said...

OK introduce me to a busy mom who DOESN'T have ADD and it will be a first. Dan always teases me that I must have seen a shiny light because I wander off half way through doing something to start something else. I tell him it's called multitasking! Ha! I am famous for making lists and then leaving them somewhere. Hey, we can't all be Martha Stewart. She probably has someone make lists for her actually.

Crystal Keilers said...

Martha sleeps with a small light on & a note pad on her nightstand, so in the event she wakes up with an idea she can add it to her "LIST"! Great point!

Yes, Dan would absolutely say the same thing about me. I go into another room to put something away & see "a shiny light" & temporarily forget that I was in the middle of cleaning the living room (or whatever else;).

Jessica said...

Oh how I relate to this, I'm constantly trying to make myself focu ! Lists help, otherwise it's just all swimming around in my brain! I totally have ADD, lol.

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