Thursday, November 1, 2012

DIY Felt Ball Wreath

You'll need:
355 felt balls
10" wreath
Thread or fishing line
Thin Long Needle
Glue gun with gobs of glue sticks

Where I purchased:
Felt Balls from Yarn Place on Ebay

She sells them in quanities of 200. 
She has an excellent color pallet 
& will let you choose your colors 
(which was very important to me).

The colors that I purchased were: 



royal fuchsia




pastel blue


english rose

purple heart

dark olive

harvest gold

army green


The thickness of your needle matters 
because a thicker needle creates a larger hole 
in your felt ball & your string will slide right through 
(and yes, I learned this the hard way).

Step 1: Cut your thread. 
Each of my threads were about 80" long 
(40" when folded).

Step 2: Anchor your thread by looping it several times 
around the straw.

Step 3: Load up 9 felt balls.

Step 4: Wrap them around

Step 5: Load 9 more

Step 6: Tie it off the same place you started
(and know that you can really tie it off anywhere,
it's just easier going into the same hole)

Now if your thread didn't quite make it around twice, no worries.  
This is all real messy in the beginning 
and you'll tighten it all up as you go along.

Step 7: Glue in between in your rows

Step 8: And press them together

Keep going

Step 9: Add balls where you see little gaps
(and don't worry if it's not smooth rows of balls,
I wanted mine to be a little wonky 
because that's what gives it whimsy).

Keep going.  Repeating Steps 1-9.

And you may see a place that needs another row or two.

So add one.

And here's when I weave the thread all throughout the balls 
& anchor again,
tying it off on the backside (like Step 2).
It helps hold some of the other rows down too.

Look for empty spots.

Generously add some glue.

And ssqquueeze them together!!!

Your backside will be criss-crossy 
and totally inconsistent.  That's good!

 After many days of work 
(at least it took me many days) DONE!
Do a cartwheel!
Now go put it somewhere highly noticeable, 
so everyone can "eww & ahh" at your handiwork.
Well done you!

My sole inspiration for this wreath came from Pickles.
I fell in love with their wreath!!! 
But I couldn't make out how to put it all together
so I decided to create a tutorial 
for others who fell into that boat too.
I hope it helps you.


Megan said...

You are ridiculously talented. No joke. It looks amazing! :)

Christy said...

Strange, I've commented like three times about how cute this is and it didn't go through.:(

APRA said...

I'm assuming you used 2 cm balls??

Team Vang said...

Okay, friend. This is absolutely amazing! I had the Pickles wreath 'favorited' before Pinterest was a thing. Maybe I can lure you over with coffee and baked goods for some pointers ;)

Crystal said...

APRA "20" mm balls, 2 would be way too small. I have the eBay listing for 20mm balls linked above. Hope that helps!

Crystal said...

Ashley, I am dying to see your house! And all of that cute mod furniture! Just invite me & I'll come a runnin' ;) ;).