Monday, August 13, 2012


Because Gideon got some virus that's going around (high fever, no other symptoms at all), we spent all day Sunday indoors.

I played with fabric paint & dye:

And Gideon did what Gideon does best.  He ate:

Oh and he threw a ceramic mug at my ankle.  And broke the skin & a big blood vessel.  Cabin fever is an understatement.

And because I talk about such things here, I must tell you that since my mother's visit in May (which always includes our traditional mani-pedi date),  I use color on my nails.  I'm branching out from just neutrals.
In fact, this Kook-A-Mango has been on my nails on and off all summer.  

My toes still only see Shall We Dance.  But anyways.  This stuff is essential to life, no?  

Gideon is on the mend I think, his temp was on 99 this morning and he's fever free tonight.  My only expectation for tomorrow is a grocery store trip (praying for a normal temp when he wakes).
Happy Monday!


Jessica said...

At least you got crafty while you were stuck inside :) Alayna is sick this week as well... no fun. I hate not being able to go to the gym! lol.

How do you get your nail color to stay on? I don't paint my nails because it chips off in like one day. You are so cute!!!!

Christy said...

Oh I hope your little man starts to feel better soon. That is noooo fun. :( I'm like you in that my nails only see neutral shades although I wore red on my wedding day for a touch of bold being that our wedding was in Feb. :)

I was laughing too because I always say I will know if I need to rush m y kids to the hospital when one of them stops eating. ha!
Have a blessed one friend.