Saturday, July 7, 2012


We all need a good Gideon fix.

...and this is what happens when Beth comes for a visit, 
she makes pancake eating artful.

Here are some candid videos of the boy.

I know that the only people who enjoy watching 
my child eat a tomato for 3:48 are my mom & dad.  
So you can take your hall pass on this one 
(however, the last minute is pretty cute).

See, now aren't you glad you had your Gideon fix?


Christy said...

Uh ya! I needed to see that sweet babe! He is sooooo cute. Looks so much like you I can't stand it. Be blessed this week friend.

Havis said...

I'm glad for the fix. Crystal, he is such a babe.

Snow Bruce said...

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