Friday, January 13, 2012

A Gideon briefing...

He eats and talks. Actually he eats a lot. So much so that I can't share a meal with him when we're out (like I vowed to do to save money).
And I'm not exaggerating. It's amazing how much this kid eats.

(Turn your volume waaay down. No really, I mean it. I am super screechy annoying in this one. But you can see his two teeth peaking through & his cute lil laugh and that's the point.)

He bathes. And loves trying to crawl out of the bath tub.
And he loves to suck the life out of wet wash cloths.

He talks. Oh how sweet these moments are lately. To be honest, I've been teary almost every day this week. He turns one year old next month and everything in me wants to stop the clock. Freeze these precious moments. (I'm totally teary eyed again.) This kind of love is too much. And I don't believe people when they say things like, "It only gets better." Not possible.

Yesterday I cried at the grocery checkout with my manager friend Traci. We talked about how fast time goes. She has boys and she promised me that they still say, "I love you so much Mama" at age 21.
I'm holding her to that.


Havis said...

Oh sweet friend. I love you heart. Just today I was looking at my 3.5 year old Macyn and thinking "please don't change, please stay the same, it can't get better." But I thought that at 6 mo. and 10mo. and 1yr. etc. It really does get better. But it is a very sad thing that we can't freeze these kiddos and visit them often.
Happy Birthday sweet boy!

Christy said...

We were out on a date with friends last night and both Dan and James have little girls. They were saying they wished they could freeze time and stop what's happening because they love them so much and never want them to find a husband and leave them. Ha! The girls are 7 and almost 11 and it just keeps getting better. Harder in some ways because we discovered at this age our love is not enough. They are going to get their feelings hurt and be disappointed in people and we can't protect them from all the "ugly" in the world, That's the hard part. :( I get emotional every year as the girls bdays approach as well. And since your boy and Morgan share a bday we can be a mess together. ;)