Friday, January 20, 2012


Last time 8 videos just wasn't enough.
I had to inject a little more cuteness into your life.

I mean really, he's still totally edible.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Really good Saturday

I got all of Gideon's invitations out.

On my lap before I plunked them into the mailbox.

And I found this in my mailbox from my dear friend Tori...

Wrapped in hand-stamped wrapping paper (would you believe I just did the same thing last week, both of us unaware of the other)...

She drew the design on the tea towel.
Remembered that I loved that hand cream from Anthropolgie.
And got Gideon a wooden toy, his favorite (says mommy).

It's moments like these that I feel known and kindred and I understand the proverb that says, "There is a friend that sticks closer than a [sister]." This has been a really good Saturday (much needed on the tale end of an entire week of Gideon fighting the stomach bug).

Friday, January 13, 2012

A Gideon briefing...

He eats and talks. Actually he eats a lot. So much so that I can't share a meal with him when we're out (like I vowed to do to save money).
And I'm not exaggerating. It's amazing how much this kid eats.

(Turn your volume waaay down. No really, I mean it. I am super screechy annoying in this one. But you can see his two teeth peaking through & his cute lil laugh and that's the point.)

He bathes. And loves trying to crawl out of the bath tub.
And he loves to suck the life out of wet wash cloths.

He talks. Oh how sweet these moments are lately. To be honest, I've been teary almost every day this week. He turns one year old next month and everything in me wants to stop the clock. Freeze these precious moments. (I'm totally teary eyed again.) This kind of love is too much. And I don't believe people when they say things like, "It only gets better." Not possible.

Yesterday I cried at the grocery checkout with my manager friend Traci. We talked about how fast time goes. She has boys and she promised me that they still say, "I love you so much Mama" at age 21.
I'm holding her to that.