Thursday, December 8, 2011

How to: No Sew Felt Flower Ornament

Because people seemed to find my first Felt Flower Tutorial doable, I decided to post another tutorial, this time on my Felt Flower Ornament. The sad part is that my pictures are awful, I did most of this craft at night (when the babe sleeps for longer than those two much-coveted napping hours) thus I had no pretty natural light. And my camera phone is all I got these days. So. Nonetheless, you'll get the basic gist of how to easily make this ornament.

Step 1: Cut your circle, mine are about 4 inches in diameter (and I'm still lovin my Olfa Circle Cutter for this job)

Step 2: Spiral cut your circle

All of the way to the center

Step 3: Start winding together & Glue

See how there's a an empty cup in the center?

Step 4: This is why I add another little flower in the center, about 1.5-2 inches in diameter, to give it more body
(and this is where I shamelessly recycle pictures from last tutorial)

Step 5: And now add your pollen bud

And repeat Steps 1-5 three times...

Now we're ready to assemble.

Step 6: Using one flower to act as the base, glue another flower to it's side

Step 7: Here's where the pinching begins, pinch both sides together for about a minute or two, in order to allow the glue to harden & close that side

Step 8: Now glue your third flower in the same way

Step 9: Pinch

Step 9: Glue the final side, but leave the top open a hair to insert the stem

Step 10: Pinch some more...

Step 11: Cut your stem (mine is 5" but it's all a matter of personal preference)

Step 12: Add glue and fold your stem if half and insert into the top

Step 13: Pinch one final time!

Voila your done!

Now hang in some place highly visible, so passersby can gawk at your handy work. Well done you.

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Christy said...

those are super cute. Good job friend. I want to try those but currently I am helping Morgan sew a little doll blanket for her friend for Christmas. For her American Girl Doll of course. :)