Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

DIY Infinity Scarf

I was in Anthropologie the other day and saw an Infinity scarf similar this one at Nordstrom .

It looked super easy to make. So I went home and figured out how to make my own version. Way easier than I even imagined. And cute!  Even if you're craft challenged, this one's for you.

Here's my tutorial.

The first length of my fabric is 31 Inches. This is the length around. I often make this end 34 inches so it hangs down further like most of these in my previous post. 31 inches sits closer to the neck, probably good for colder climates.

by 37 Inches. This is the width. It's also flexible based upon how tall & full you want it to be.

Fold in half, right side to right side. (I put my feet in there for visual interest. Aren't they so veiny and interesting?)

Sew a straight line & close the seam

It should look like this

Turn it right side out

The other side of your seam should look like this

Now fold it in half (here are my pink feet again). This is where we make our Infinity Loop.

Sew the unfinished end shut

Trim your seam

Turn it right side out

And put it on.

And here's it folded in half.

And I got a little carried away and made a few more as gifts (yes, they're that easy):

Several people have asked for a tutorial on the jersey knit braided scarf and I think I'd rather sleep outside (and it's 43 degrees) than try that one again. Big headache. Biiiig.

 I tried to follow this tutorial because I liked the fact she had so many braids thus so much bulk, but it didn't happen for me. I had to develop my own rough pattern on the fly (and say mean things under my breath). I was happy with the results, but not the process.

Here's another tutorial that was too detailed for my liking but you may find it helpful. Just add a couple more braids to achieve more bulk. Now I wasn't too much help on that front was I?

My advice is just make a pretty Infinity scarf and call it a day!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thursday, December 8, 2011

How to: No Sew Felt Flower Ornament

Because people seemed to find my first Felt Flower Tutorial doable, I decided to post another tutorial, this time on my Felt Flower Ornament. The sad part is that my pictures are awful, I did most of this craft at night (when the babe sleeps for longer than those two much-coveted napping hours) thus I had no pretty natural light. And my camera phone is all I got these days. So. Nonetheless, you'll get the basic gist of how to easily make this ornament.

Step 1: Cut your circle, mine are about 4 inches in diameter (and I'm still lovin my Olfa Circle Cutter for this job)

Step 2: Spiral cut your circle

All of the way to the center

Step 3: Start winding together & Glue

See how there's a an empty cup in the center?

Step 4: This is why I add another little flower in the center, about 1.5-2 inches in diameter, to give it more body
(and this is where I shamelessly recycle pictures from last tutorial)

Step 5: And now add your pollen bud

And repeat Steps 1-5 three times...

Now we're ready to assemble.

Step 6: Using one flower to act as the base, glue another flower to it's side

Step 7: Here's where the pinching begins, pinch both sides together for about a minute or two, in order to allow the glue to harden & close that side

Step 8: Now glue your third flower in the same way

Step 9: Pinch

Step 9: Glue the final side, but leave the top open a hair to insert the stem

Step 10: Pinch some more...

Step 11: Cut your stem (mine is 5" but it's all a matter of personal preference)

Step 12: Add glue and fold your stem if half and insert into the top

Step 13: Pinch one final time!

Voila your done!

Now hang in some place highly visible, so passersby can gawk at your handy work. Well done you.