Thursday, September 8, 2011

A weird quirk.

When I have new magazines I rip out the advertisements and fragrances. And I wipe the fragrances on my couch cushions and pillows. Odd and slightly campy I know. I can't help it, I love my things to smell good. And these are free and subtle and nice smelling (my nose can't do glade plug-ins).

(Now you'll never be able to see a fragrance page and not think of me. You're welcome.)


Christy said...

Oh that is too funny. A good idea though. I went to our health food store and bought a bottle of real lavender oil; every so often I will put a couple drops in my hand and a pat down my couches. I love the "real" smell of lavender and hoping my efforts calm my kids and dog at while making my furniture smell good too! LOL!

pelz said...

you are too funny. i think i rip those pages out so i DON'T have perfumey smells while i'm oggling shoes-- the beauty of window shopping at home :)

Havis said...

Crystal, I am doing this. Love it!