Wednesday, September 28, 2011


We got our first pair of shoes in the mail (from a friend who couldn't resist when she saw them at CVS)

We've been loving our walks at the Nature Preserve

And on a not so happy note, we've had our first sick day(s)

So tonight when I returned from my first mommies night out I promptly ordered this:

Apparently, puts the plastic bulbs and battery operated nasal aspirators to shame. The mommies confirmed what my friend Becca said when I was pregnant....this will be one of your best parental investments ever. They swear their kids are sick like a third of the time of the other kids because they get all of the snot out early on. This particular one you hook up to a vacuum. Scary I know. But it's actually very gentle (Becca let me feel the suction). Some similar models you actually do the sucking (and no, it never reaches your mouth, there are two filters) and a couple of moms prefer that one. Nonetheless, I'll review this for you after I test it out on my boy. Hoping to find it in my mailbox by Saturday (or sooner!).


Kathie said...

Good night, nurse! That picture with the shoes is Hallmark card adorable! Tee hee!

Christy said...

OK you might not know this about me but I have this horrible adverse reaction to snot. The thought of someone elses snot, the sound of someone else's snot or the very thought just gags me to the core. I am not sure how I survived two babies but I did and so for the love of God please NO videos! LOL!