Saturday, September 17, 2011

I've taken three showers... 24 hours. And I blame it all on THIS LOVELY GADGET:

I bought this hand sander about five months ago when my dad was here for a visit and he built me two storage end tables. My intention was to sand and stain both end tables right away. Which I still haven't done. But today, 5 months later, I took this guy out for the first time. I also discovered that I bought the wrong size sand paper sheets (even though I had the guy at Home Depot pick them out for me). So I ended up cutting down some bigger sheets and they worked just fine. But I ran out. Anyway. I'm really here to tell you that I love the invention of the orbital sander! Quiet possibly the best $20 I've ever spent. Without it, I could envision myself sanding for days (and do you hate the feeling of sand paper in your hands like I do? It makes my teeth ache).

Now on the bathing note, last night I showered before bed. This morning I applied stripping solvent to my patio furniture. I showered again. Then I came home this evening and began sanding off the old paint. And covered myself in metalish paint dust. Third shower. Tomorrow I should be back to my normal water consumption. I plan to only sand and prime once in the afternoon. And I will post after pics eventually (because I forgot to take a before).

It feels good to actually paint my furniture the "right" way. A few summers ago when I painted the tables and chairs I didn't prime or sand anything, just spray painted the heck out them. And they've since chipped and flaked and it all looks really bad. So now I'm having to go back and start all over again. Reminiscent of Statistics in college.

And yes, this is another effort to avoid the ottoman (that my foots are resting on now). I also want to do it the "right" way, but I'm just not sure how. And I've yet to find a really good tutorial online. I talked to my mom, but she just made my head swimmy. So I freeze.

ANOTHER FUN MOMENT TODAY, I bought this tank at Kohls:

And this headband:

And I walked out of there for $20. I had a coupon and both things were 40% off. I wear a headband at some point in my day, almost everyday. But I will usually pay no more than $3 for one (bc I can jazz it up myself, if I want to). But I just loved how skinny this one was and the fact that the gold flower gets lost in my hair. And I could bend it open so I won't get a headache. I had to have it.

And I'm loving Lauren Conrad as a designer. Such cute tasteful stuff.

I happened to snap A FEW PICTURES today for your viewing pleasure (forgive the blurr, it's my phone):

At the grocery store

And in the bath

And finally, clean and ready for bed. And I'm headed there now...


Havis said...

Oh man, he's such a babe!

Christy said...

Oh he's so sweet. Nothing better than a clean smelling babe right before bed. Yummy! I think that top is really cute. I might have to go check her stuff out. Fun!

Jessica said...

I love our orbital sander! I hate sanding things just by hand.

I also love LC... I have a pair of her jeans that are some of my favorites. I agree, she really does have a cute line.

And of course, cute babe... I could just eat him up!!!!

Jessica said...

I think we should talk this week... let's try to connect :)

Crystal said...

Yes Jess, I've been thinking that for weeks! I'll call you tomorrow. Xx