Monday, September 26, 2011

I chickened out...

And did another staple slap. After looking at several tutorials, I just decided to forgo the piping and seaming and sewing. I've yet to sew a zipper, let alone piping, and it was all just making me anxious. So, I did a make-shift job for the time being and I'll do it the "right" way when my mom comes in February.

And for now, we'll just appreciate the fabric staying put when prop our feet up (as opposed to sliding all around, begging to be stapled).

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Ginger said...

I made rocking chair cushions last year and piped them. I did it, but man did I growl a lot! The kids say "There's a pirate at the sewing machine again" during projects like that. I must say after all that, I am proud of it. And I'm planning to make another rocking chair cushion. This time- no piping. ;)