Friday, September 2, 2011

How to: Sew Simple Curtains

I first measure my fabric and cut it to the dimensions I want for my window.
And add 2"- 3" for your seam allowance, depending on how wide you want your hem.

Then I change my needle to a denim/heavy duty needle.

Because I chose to use two different textiles, my first step is to sew the two fabrics together:

Then I open this seam by ironing it (this way it lies flat when hung):

And because I can never cut a straight line, I even up my edges:

In all of the corners and places where my fabric overlaps, I always remove the bulk (that extra fabric that results from folding it together). This way I prevent my needle from breaking and I don't end up with bulges:

Then I iron my hem all of the around:

In each corner, same thing, remove the extra fabric:

Your corners should look like this:

Now I sew my outer hem, I pretend it's one big burp cloth (because I can sew a burp cloth). And notice that I tuck the raw edge under as I sew. Essentially, I am folding the hem in half:

My orange hem is wider (don't know how that happened), but same thing, I tuck the raw edge under and sew. A simple seam alllllll of the waaaaay around:

I use blackout lining with my curtains. (Our electric bill thanks me.) And you can see in this picture my hem isn't perfectly straight.
Like I said, for some reason I can't seem to cut a straight line.
Oh well.

***Please forgive the quality of my pictures lately, they're taken on my cell phone (some even with a cute baby slung around my hip).


Christy said...

hey those turned out cute! Love the colors and prints together.

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