Wednesday, September 28, 2011


We got our first pair of shoes in the mail (from a friend who couldn't resist when she saw them at CVS)

We've been loving our walks at the Nature Preserve

And on a not so happy note, we've had our first sick day(s)

So tonight when I returned from my first mommies night out I promptly ordered this:

Apparently, puts the plastic bulbs and battery operated nasal aspirators to shame. The mommies confirmed what my friend Becca said when I was pregnant....this will be one of your best parental investments ever. They swear their kids are sick like a third of the time of the other kids because they get all of the snot out early on. This particular one you hook up to a vacuum. Scary I know. But it's actually very gentle (Becca let me feel the suction). Some similar models you actually do the sucking (and no, it never reaches your mouth, there are two filters) and a couple of moms prefer that one. Nonetheless, I'll review this for you after I test it out on my boy. Hoping to find it in my mailbox by Saturday (or sooner!).

Monday, September 26, 2011

I chickened out...

And did another staple slap. After looking at several tutorials, I just decided to forgo the piping and seaming and sewing. I've yet to sew a zipper, let alone piping, and it was all just making me anxious. So, I did a make-shift job for the time being and I'll do it the "right" way when my mom comes in February.

And for now, we'll just appreciate the fabric staying put when prop our feet up (as opposed to sliding all around, begging to be stapled).

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Still sanding...

And my little wrist muscles are so tender (you know the ones on the inside of arm that connect to your thumb?). And I'm finding that other than a good lesson in stripping the paint off of metal, this was a silly undertaking. I'm not totally sure that I can prevent the paint flaking issue this second time around. But nonetheless, I am learning a lot about my sander and the process of stripping and sanding and vacuuming and washing and priming and painting and sealing....and and and.

Wish me luck!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

I've taken three showers... 24 hours. And I blame it all on THIS LOVELY GADGET:

I bought this hand sander about five months ago when my dad was here for a visit and he built me two storage end tables. My intention was to sand and stain both end tables right away. Which I still haven't done. But today, 5 months later, I took this guy out for the first time. I also discovered that I bought the wrong size sand paper sheets (even though I had the guy at Home Depot pick them out for me). So I ended up cutting down some bigger sheets and they worked just fine. But I ran out. Anyway. I'm really here to tell you that I love the invention of the orbital sander! Quiet possibly the best $20 I've ever spent. Without it, I could envision myself sanding for days (and do you hate the feeling of sand paper in your hands like I do? It makes my teeth ache).

Now on the bathing note, last night I showered before bed. This morning I applied stripping solvent to my patio furniture. I showered again. Then I came home this evening and began sanding off the old paint. And covered myself in metalish paint dust. Third shower. Tomorrow I should be back to my normal water consumption. I plan to only sand and prime once in the afternoon. And I will post after pics eventually (because I forgot to take a before).

It feels good to actually paint my furniture the "right" way. A few summers ago when I painted the tables and chairs I didn't prime or sand anything, just spray painted the heck out them. And they've since chipped and flaked and it all looks really bad. So now I'm having to go back and start all over again. Reminiscent of Statistics in college.

And yes, this is another effort to avoid the ottoman (that my foots are resting on now). I also want to do it the "right" way, but I'm just not sure how. And I've yet to find a really good tutorial online. I talked to my mom, but she just made my head swimmy. So I freeze.

ANOTHER FUN MOMENT TODAY, I bought this tank at Kohls:

And this headband:

And I walked out of there for $20. I had a coupon and both things were 40% off. I wear a headband at some point in my day, almost everyday. But I will usually pay no more than $3 for one (bc I can jazz it up myself, if I want to). But I just loved how skinny this one was and the fact that the gold flower gets lost in my hair. And I could bend it open so I won't get a headache. I had to have it.

And I'm loving Lauren Conrad as a designer. Such cute tasteful stuff.

I happened to snap A FEW PICTURES today for your viewing pleasure (forgive the blurr, it's my phone):

At the grocery store

And in the bath

And finally, clean and ready for bed. And I'm headed there now...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Living Room...

Feeling inspired today by our new cheery color palette:

And getting ready to take the plunge and recover this bad boy.
Candidly, I procrastinate the things that I am not totally sure how to do. Hence why it's taken me two months to finally begin to recover this ottoman. (And why I am sewing the couch pillows first...buys me more time.) My plan is to recover it in a very basic way, no piping, no new foam, etc, just fold and staple. Any advice for me:

Thursday, September 8, 2011

A weird quirk.

When I have new magazines I rip out the advertisements and fragrances. And I wipe the fragrances on my couch cushions and pillows. Odd and slightly campy I know. I can't help it, I love my things to smell good. And these are free and subtle and nice smelling (my nose can't do glade plug-ins).

(Now you'll never be able to see a fragrance page and not think of me. You're welcome.)

Friday, September 2, 2011

How to: Sew Simple Curtains

I first measure my fabric and cut it to the dimensions I want for my window.
And add 2"- 3" for your seam allowance, depending on how wide you want your hem.

Then I change my needle to a denim/heavy duty needle.

Because I chose to use two different textiles, my first step is to sew the two fabrics together:

Then I open this seam by ironing it (this way it lies flat when hung):

And because I can never cut a straight line, I even up my edges:

In all of the corners and places where my fabric overlaps, I always remove the bulk (that extra fabric that results from folding it together). This way I prevent my needle from breaking and I don't end up with bulges:

Then I iron my hem all of the around:

In each corner, same thing, remove the extra fabric:

Your corners should look like this:

Now I sew my outer hem, I pretend it's one big burp cloth (because I can sew a burp cloth). And notice that I tuck the raw edge under as I sew. Essentially, I am folding the hem in half:

My orange hem is wider (don't know how that happened), but same thing, I tuck the raw edge under and sew. A simple seam alllllll of the waaaaay around:

I use blackout lining with my curtains. (Our electric bill thanks me.) And you can see in this picture my hem isn't perfectly straight.
Like I said, for some reason I can't seem to cut a straight line.
Oh well.

***Please forgive the quality of my pictures lately, they're taken on my cell phone (some even with a cute baby slung around my hip).