Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Mirror got a Makeover...


I used four supplies, all of which were in my cupboard:

1. A can of dusty purple (dated, ahem, 05.08.08).
And can I say that colored paint makes my heart happy. I wanted to slap it on everything. Seriously, I was walking around my apartment trying to figure out what else I could paint (but I stifled my impulse and just stuck with the mirror).
2. Cheap plastic paint brush.
3. Spray paint for the earrings which covered the drill holes.
4. Steel wool to remove the paint around the edges (after it dried) to give it a sort of aged look. I did the same thing on my filing cabinet, but I removed it at points when the stain was both wet and dry.

I also used a hot glue gun to attach the roses.

Aaaand I would've used wood puddy if I had it, to fill the holes and make it all look smooth.

I didn't prime it and I only lightly sanded the holes where the hook was (I was feeling too impatient). I just painted it and steel wooled the edges. I was grateful that I could easily take the mirror out of the frame so that I didn't have to tape and prep etc. Again, I have a habit of lacking patience for such things.


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