Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dining Chairs: Restained & Recovered



And I didn't take step by step pictures for one main reason, I did a shoddy job (& my excuse at the time was that I was almost 10 months pregnant).

Basically, I loosely cut the fabric, folded it over the old nasty stuff and shot staples into it:

But from this angle all you see are neat, pretty cushions. And I'm perfectly okay with that.

I did use two different colors of Minwax stain, Red Oak and Jacobean, to achieve this color. But again, I wasn't too careful or methodical about the staining part either. I laid a towel down, set the chair on top, and applied the two stains in rotation with a disposable paint brush (my recommendation for wood stains). I was in the "get er done" mode...about to have a baby ya know.

Anyway, even though my chairs are happy now, I am still fawning over these. And I'm sure I'll make them happen someday.

But for now, my main concern is textile overload. (Because I am obsessed with them.) And I am getting ready to recover my ottoman in this oil cloth:

It needs to be my main textile because it is the centerpiece of our living room/dining room. And it needs to be my main textile because it is LOUD and cheery and totally stands on its own. (And my living area is teeny tiny.) So I will support it with solids. Which really all that means for me right now is sewing new covers for my two throw pillows.


Jessica said...

Love it my talented friend! You rock! I really love the style of that table and chairs, so cool.

Crystal Keilers said...

Thank you Jess. Yeah, I should've mentioned that the chairs were a hand me down that my dad had to reinforce and the table was a Craigs List find (of course;).

Christy said...

Turned out cute and I love that oil cloth pattern....makes me happy!

Eileen said...

GREAT job on the chairs, truly, what a transformation!

Nic said...

your DYI projects are all so amazing, thank you for all the tips!

Crystal said...

Nic, you are so welcome. Thanks for stopping by!