Thursday, August 18, 2011

Anna Maria Horner

One of the blogs I follow is fabric designer/seamstress Anna Maria Horner. She is so unapologetic in her use of color and it has completely influenced the way I decorate. Today I feel particularly inspired by these curtains:

I remember when I discovered that red and green were considered complimentary colors, I was like "Wait, they're not just Christmas colors?!" I started to pair them together more often than just in December. And Gucci uses them together as they're signature colors...which I love (and own nothing of):

Anyway, I just had to share those red & green curtains with you and tell you to check out Anna Maria's blog. (And I'll also tell you that I just completed this entire entry typing with one hand & baby in lap. First nursing, then cuddling (which lasts about 70 seconds these days), and finally having my hair and tank top which point mommy lovingly transfered him to the exersaucer).

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