Sunday, July 24, 2011

DIY Ruffles

I bought a bathing suit cover-up a few months ago and never really wore it. It was too short and frankly too "blah" for my taste.  So I added some ruffles & it made it much more lively.

I kept thinking about adding a bright fabric to it and I finally did it (on a spontaneous whim of course). I sort of haphazardly took pictures, so hopefully you get a vague idea of how to do this yourself (and please feel free to ask me questions). The ruffles here the same style of ruffle I added to my salvation army sweater last January.

First off, I pink my fabric to avoid fraying:

Then I measure my hemline. And I ushually use an EZHem, but I didn't have mine with me. My measuring tape also does the job:

Always using my trusty spray starch:

When I iron:

Do you see how I compensated for my crooked cutting in my measurements? Here's one end of my hemline:

And here's the other:

BIG difference in the width of my fold from one end to the other. But the fabric is an straight 5 inches all of the way across.

Then simply sew your hemline:

Now you're ready to ruffle. Begin folding:

Iron your folds (I usually eyeball this because I don't care if each ruffle is spaced perfectly from the next):

Then sew through the folds, so that your ruffle is somewhat permanent:

Pin it to garment:

And sew again:



Now if "I" can do this, anybody can do this. Give it a try!


Havis said...

so dang cute! Well done and a much needed "How To" for me.

Jessica said...

I can totally see this on you... too cute!

Amy said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE that!! Really! Crystal, you are something else, girl. I wish I was the kind of person that could do that with the same results, but alas...I know myself too well. ;)

Crystal Keilers said...

Amy, you are gifted in other areas. Just not in cutting bangs ;).

julie said...

This is adorable! The after is a million time cuter than the before. I'll definitely have to try to "ruffle" something. Thanks for the tutorial!

Rhonda said...

Great job Crystal!!!

Christy said...

Clever girl!