Sunday, July 24, 2011

DIY Ruffles

I bought a bathing suit cover-up a few months ago and never really wore it. It was too short and frankly too "blah" for my taste.  So I added some ruffles & it made it much more lively.

I kept thinking about adding a bright fabric to it and I finally did it (on a spontaneous whim of course). I sort of haphazardly took pictures, so hopefully you get a vague idea of how to do this yourself (and please feel free to ask me questions). The ruffles here the same style of ruffle I added to my salvation army sweater last January.

First off, I pink my fabric to avoid fraying:

Then I measure my hemline. And I ushually use an EZHem, but I didn't have mine with me. My measuring tape also does the job:

Always using my trusty spray starch:

When I iron:

Do you see how I compensated for my crooked cutting in my measurements? Here's one end of my hemline:

And here's the other:

BIG difference in the width of my fold from one end to the other. But the fabric is an straight 5 inches all of the way across.

Then simply sew your hemline:

Now you're ready to ruffle. Begin folding:

Iron your folds (I usually eyeball this because I don't care if each ruffle is spaced perfectly from the next):

Then sew through the folds, so that your ruffle is somewhat permanent:

Pin it to garment:

And sew again:



Now if "I" can do this, anybody can do this. Give it a try!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Big Three oh my my...

Well, thanks to friends and a thoughtful hubby I brought thirty in with style.

Friday night I was greeted by fun lil goodies floating around Tom and Debra's house. My favorite of which was this sign.

Then Amanda, Debra and I drove to DIVE for dinner.

So fresh and so yum yum. I had ginger, soy fish tacos and sparkling wine (cause a girl needs something bubbly to drink on her birthday).

And three of us just relaxed and chatted. And appreciated the absence of LOUD music, which is the reason I don't go to a lot of restaurants in Dallas these days (I know I'm already old and crusty).

Then we went back to the goodies stash and ate my delicious dairy-free cake.

Opened little presents. And my sweet card from Tom and Debra.

Then more birthday fun began Sunday morning at 5:30 am...

And 8:00am...

And 8:15am...

And 2:00pm...

And I have still yet to discover the final stash (and I won't let Stephen tell me where it is because I love being surprised). Each one had a cute little note. And what girl doesn't enjoy twenty dollar bills and love post-its? Hubby done good.

We went to Starbucks as a family, one of my favorite things. I got my iced soy latte with three pumps of peppermint and Stephen his strawberries and cream frappuccino.

Then church, which was really good. One of the pastors talked about the difference between being committed to your marriage versus being committed to your spouse; one requires a heart of sacrifice & service and the other obligation. It was a good little nugget.

Then we ate and Patricio's, my favorite Italian restaurant. I ordered the chicken caesar salad with polenta crutons...the most delicious combination ever. (Forgot my phone, so no pictures.) And we each had a few lil baby belinis (they're on special for $1 during the month of July!). Delicious.

Then later we went shopping at Lowes for plants (my new favorite present) and I scored this cactus for $10 (originally $20, but I convinced them it was dying...which it is, but I'm confident that I can nurse it back to health). And the bamboo pot cost just as much, but it's perfect no?

And I got these coral flowers (I love that color) to go in my garage sale pot. But I now wish I had gotten something more squatty. These flowers are a little too tall for the pot, it needs something short.

And while I shopped, Gideon and Stephen had a photo shoot:

I must say out of all of my presents this year, my favorite gift from Stephen is working extra hard so that I can stay home with our little buddy...

And thank you everyone for all of the birthday love =).

It all made my day that much more special. Xx

Friday, July 15, 2011

Have a good weekend...

Another love in my life...

If you have never perused Lonny Mag online it is a must. It's very similar to the old Domino Magazine (that went under like overnight...and left every one of us in tears).

I get giddy everytime a new issue is posted (and sometimes look at it over and over again). Come and look. Your eyes will thank you...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bumbo Time

I scored this Bumbo yesterday off of Craigs List for $15.
I think he likes it.

Rolo-ed Pretzels

Let cool and enjoy. But be warned they are addictive. I recently took them to the hospital for a friend who had a baby and also to a funeral---they were devoured in both places. Because they are salted caramel chocolatey goodness. Mmmmm.