Wednesday, June 29, 2011

2 kitchen successes....can I get an applause...

The past three months I have failed miserably in the kitchen.
Going dairy-free has been a relearning of everything that I know in the kitchen. I had to abandon my motto "Butter makes everything better" and find creative replacements for my many go-to meals that involve cheese, milk, butter... I attempted so many new recipes and almost everyone of them flopped. This Vegan Mac and Cheese (which I added otherwise delicious ground buffalo to) was by far the most repulsive, I mean inedible. I discovered that nutritional yeast is ick and tahini is super ick (I went as far as to get a refund from Whole Foods for the tahini). Stephen will eat almost anything (the man hates to waste a napkin) and after "half" a bowl he wouldn't touch the large baking pan of leftovers. Inedible I tell you.

So...having two successes in the kitchen, in the same day, (be them small) calls for a big pat on my back. It's own blog entry even.
In order:

I finally discovered to how to boil the perfect egg (thanks to these simple techniques on Simply Recipes). I'm glad I learned how to boil an egg before I turn 30 (next month).

I whipped up a yummy egg salad with these bad boys (which spanish olives would've perfected). But I must confess, I was wishing that I could've made this recipe the entire time. Oh how I miss fancy cheeses.

My second success was non-mushy banana walnut muffins. Another big one down before the big three oh.

These made a few deposits back into my domestic self-esteem. And I'm lovin that website Simple Recipes.

On an unrelated note I'm drooling over these rugs posted on Copy Cat Chic today. They cost almost as much as my car. A girl can dream....

Have a good rest of the week.

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