Friday, May 13, 2011

Lavender Sachets

I got the idea to make lavender sachets a couple of years ago from Martha Stewart. We test drove it at my baby shower and it was a cute party favor and activity. So...I had planned on hosting the same for my close friend April's "Italian-themed" bridal shower. But low and behold having a seven week old baby and traveling to California to help host a shower didn't quite happen. So instead, I made everything and shipped it to one of the hostesses. They said it was a fun touch.

If you ever need a unique, somewhat inexpensive, and "useful" (that was my main party favor is like ever useful) shower gift & activity, try lavender sachets. Super duper easy.

I didn't take step by step pictures, but you basically:

1. Cut two same size pieces (in this case I lined the lace so I had four pieces).

2. Sew right (pretty) side to right (pretty) side, leaving one side (the top) open.

3. Trim.

4. Turn right side out.

5. Fill with lavender and tie with ribbon or yarn. Done!

I really like how Martha did her sachets, they're much more polished, but without everyone hopping onto a sewing machine or taking the time to hand sew, it wouldn't work as an activity. However, they'd make a perfect gift.

If you're interested in purchasing lavender by the pound, I bought mine from this darling couple in Royse City. This was pre-baby times, so I actually drove out there. But I'm sure if you emailed them they would sell it by the pound (not advertised on their website) and mail it to you.


julie said...

Adorable! And so smart the way you adapted it. Also, love that lace! :)

salvatore said...

anche se nn s ho leggere l inglese capisco i tuoi lavori artigianali e sono molto belli complimenti anche per i bambini,io ne ho due e sono la mia vita,ciao salvatore