Thursday, February 3, 2011

Silk Scarf Pillows

I started with two silk scarves:

(lost camera temporarily, so the rest will be all text, so sorry.)

Step 1: I cut each of scarf down to a 22" square for my 20" pillow forms (about 1.5-2 inch seam allowance). Also cut my backing fabric (the berry red silk) to match, same size.

Step 2: Ironed fusible interfacing onto the back of each scarf, about a 23" square (and it didn't stick perfectly because I couldn't have the heat on high, but it still provided additional durability to the silk).

Step 3: Sewed a flannel lining to each scarf to add even more strength (and protection from the pokey feathers in the down pillow forms that I used).

Step 4: Sewed right (pretty) side of scarf to right (pretty) side of back fabric, leaving one side open to stick the pillow form into.

Step 5: Turned pillow cover right side out and stuffed it with my 20" inch down pillow form.

Step 6: Folded the bottom edges under and pinned them closed. Then sewed the bottom closed...thus forever trapping my pillow form. (If I knew how to sew a zipper, or had the patience to do a folded envelope closure, I would've done one of those instead.)

I remembered seeing silk scarf pillows in my Martha Stewart Living Magazine sometime last year and sure enough I just found her tutorial online. I obviously didn't use her tutorial, but you make like it better. She is much more polished and by the book than I am, I mean she is Martha Stewart afterall. (I hear the woman sleeps with her light on and a memo pad & pen on her night stand.)

But the coolest thing about this project is most of you probably have a vintage scarf or two lying around that you could easily make into a little pillow. The white one with circles was my mother-in-laws, she gave it to me a while ago, and I knew I wanted to do something special with it. And I thought this was the perfect project because now we use it everyday.

And just in case you missed the felt flower pillow, you can catch it here.


Jolene Grace said...

I just LOVE you. These are stunningly gorgeous. Tell me again why you live there and I live here, so many miles away? Miss you.

Crystal said...

Jolene, between you and Jess I may just have to pack up my new baby and move on down there ;). xo

emily said...

oh my goodness! I've looked through most of your blog and i'm loving all your crafty projects! REALLY like these pillows....and your blog makes me miss you :)

Shipra Panosian said...

Oh, I've been missing out on your wonderful creativity. These are just wonderful!

Silvia Jacinto said...

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