Sunday, January 16, 2011

It's 3am, so I blog...

I'm up at 3am, as is usual these days, so I blog. I woke up about an hour ago flat on my back unable, literally unable, to turn over or get up on my own. I tried for a long five minutes. My struggling woke Stephen up and he attempted three different ways to help me, third time was a charm and it involved me pulling myself up with his resistant arm and my bicep muscles only. (Our conversations go something like this, "Don't help me, just flex, give me resistance." "I'm trying honey. Like this?" "No don't pull." Eventually we find success.) My lower ligament muscles are shot. I have no abs and it's odd to be so limited physically. I almost never lie flat on my back these days, but I learned tonight that it's just not an option anymore at all. This baby is too big now. We found out this week that our Gideon is already 6.5 lbs (my due date is four weeks away) and he's already managed to wedge himself in the birth canal. Meaning his cute little head is comfy in the middle of my pelvic bone. (Here's a cool video that I found on You Tube, helping me to understand where his head is exactly.) When my doctor examined me this week she said, "He is low. I can feel his head." Oh so that's what I'm feeling when I walk around.

All of that to say, here I 3am. And rather than toss and turn, I thought I'd catch you up on a few things. Like my lower ligament muscles.

And have I told you that my stretch mark cream failed me miserably? I was secretly hoping that I could defy Mother Nature and have a beautifully unscarred stomach at the end of this road, but rather, I have like the worst most purplish stretch marks you've ever seen. It looks like a cat crawled up on my stomach and clawed her way down. U.G.L.Y. Why do I always think somehow "I" will be the exception? Like, "If I use this expensive cream I will somehow avoid the stretch marks that the other 80% of women get during pregnancy." Instead I get a good dose of humility. Dont' buy this stuff:

I have a cold and can't take anything, so that's fun. I've been doing a saline rinse in the morning and nasal spray before bedtime (which is controversial, some say don't take it while prego, some say it's okay). And today I rested and drank a pint of apple juice (mixed with water, I always mix 1/2 & 1/2) and ate several of our favorite fruit strips:

Both just sounded good and I reasoned that I was pumping myself full of vitamin C. But now I'm all gassy.

In my resting today, I brainstormed some more about the nursery and reupholstering my living room ottoman. And yes, my nursery is still not done. I keep changing my mind, because I'm the creative, can't make up my mind, get lost in the details, procrastinating type. But the upside is that I really love the direction it's taken as of late. I will post pictures once it's finished. Eileen is coming over Monday to help me assemble the crib and we'll hopefully make lots of progress on hanging art, etc. My mom is coming February 2 (I'm due the 14th) and hopefully we'll have time to do the extra things, like hem my curtains and such.

I also found a cool mirror on Craigs List. This was my one outing today. I mean wouldn't you leave your sick bed to pick this beauty up:

It was originally $200, but because it had a few dings they sold it for $49 even. I really really like it and I think it'll look perfect for over our couch (our ahem, $85 Craigs List couch). I'll post pics soon.

It's now 4am and I'm going to settle down for my second bedtime (lately I've had two bedtimes, 9:30ish and then I get to be awake for awhile around 3am and fall back asleep between 4:30-5ish). Is my body getting ready to nurse a baby? Or are people just trying to make me feel better?


Mandy said...

LOVE the mirror! It's totally you :) And it probably won't reverse the stretch marks, but have you tried pure jojoba oil or shea butter? That's how I keep my incredibly dry skin moisturized year-round. Maybe it would help? Jojoba mimics skin's natural sebum very well.

The Allen Family said...

You are cracking me up with your honesty! I love it! I always tell Jon to put his arm straight out and to make a fist, like the arm of a chair I'm in, and then I can pull up against him. It's crazy! Yes, your body is for sure preparing you for nursing! And I always really took the time to wake up and enjoy the moment. I would sit in a comfy chair and nurse while watching tv. Sleeping becomes easier when you're that tired all the time, and I found that I didn't care that my sleep was more sporadic, because the quality was so much better after having the baby out of me! Love you friend! ;)

Jessica said...

Ahhhh... you really don't make me miss being pregnant at all :) I really love honest posts. I think you totally do get prepared at the end for all that sleep you'll be missing out on. On the plus side, you can relax right now whenever you get the chance, so enjoy :)

Your stretch marks will fade a little... they are your battle scars ;)

Oh, and that mirror is pretty cool! Way to go!

Love you!!!!

Jolene Grace said...

A little bit of a sense of humor can go a long way during these "glamorous" times. I thought I was home free from stretch marks until after Christian was born and I could see under my belly button. YIKES! They are just beautiful reminders of the miracle of life. Or so I told myself. ;-)

Yes, your body is preparing you for nursing. You'll never appreciate good rest so much as you do after pregnancy / baby. :Wink: Love you!

Christy said...

I LOVE that you are having a valentines babe. That is the day we met and brought Morgan home. I hope you get some rest........well really now that your a mom that is fond memory but hey you could always be the exception. LOL!

Rhonda said...

Your body is absolutely getting you ready to take care of a baby. The good news is YOU'RE ALMOST THERE!!!!

I look forward to seeing the nursery.
And I'm going to have to go to Target and get me some of those fruit strips. YUM!

Allyson said...

you make me smile with your forward posts :) and my heart breaks for you and you stretchmark battle, I too lost that one! Oh well, we tried!