Monday, October 25, 2010

They've arrived...

Some for nursery, some for our new craigslist couch, and some will double as covers for our dining chairs. I have to play with colors (and bring in other fabric) before I decide...

And here's a sneak peak of what I'm working on currently:

Monday, October 18, 2010

Maddie Kate Banner

Here's the banner that I was commissioned to make this summer. My good friend Beth (also the photographer at our wedding) gave this as a gift to her best friend Casey at the arrival her new little Maddie Kate. Beth had hoped to snap several shots of the banner (with you guys in mind, of course), but due to hospital happenings this is the only shot we've got right now. More to come...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

How did this happen?...

I noticed today that I am now walking with a slight waddle. And things are too short. This happened like overnight...

And are you guys sure that babies don't just split your belly right open and crawl out? Cause it feels like that's what's about to happen. It's already so tight. And four+ more months of this growing belly. Tell me I can do this. I guess anything is better than my first trimester. Anything.

Another word on polish. I found a new pale pink that I love. I spotted it on our leasing agents nails and I asked her, "Did you go and get a manicure last night?" (we had just seen her the day before) and she said, "No it's just this new polish." And she pulled this out:

Sally Hansen "Shall We Dance". So I bought a bottle at Ulta (with my $5 off coupon). And I really like it, it does look salon worthy. And I want it to at least look like I had it professionally done. I typically do my own nails & toes (though I love manis & pedis) because I would usually rather buy a shirt or something on sale for the price.

My parents ordered me a few bits of fabric today, mostly for Gideon's nursery, but also a few half yards to recover our cool hand-me-down dining room chairs. I will post pics when the goodies arrive. But here's a sneak peak at Gideon's first two fabrics:

Also, my appetite is picking up. I was really pleased with the fact that I haven't eaten much more than I would not pregnant. Until now. I now eat breakfast (cereal & banana typically), snack (sandwich), lunch (grilled chicken with a side or something similar), possibly a granola bar on the way home and then a full dinner later on. It's like I'm now packing in an extra meal and if I eat light for lunch (like today I had a cup of soup and an order of California Rolls) my stomach literally starts to hurt a couple hours later until I fed it (or rather until I feed this little boy). So I now get the "truck driver" comments ladies. Now I'm with you...

Saturday, October 9, 2010

A cheap facelift...

I bought this maternity shirt today for $3 from a garage sale. Replaced the buttons with some vintage ones I had in my box. My goal was to make it look sorta Anthropologie-like.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Evolution of the Belly...

12 weeks

16 weeks

20 weeks

It's a BOY!!! His name is Gideon (and he's starting to tap inside his mommy's tummy).

Sunday, October 3, 2010

More pictures from Alaska...

We went to visit our friends Daniel and Melissa Bunker in Homer, Alaska. You can see what's called the "Homer Spit" in the background. It's where all of the boats dock and a lot of fishermen come to fish for Halibut. Isn't this place beautiful?

Our precious friends: Daniel, Melissa, & Caleb Bunker

We had such a great time with our friends, fishing, eating, boating, and talking. Of course the highlight for me was a couple late night talks with Melissa =). I miss her! Fishing was fun, very chilly, but fruitful as we brought home 90lbs of Salmon (and yes, Stephen has already made his first batch of yummy smoked salmon dip).

I felt like I was in another country. It made sense to me that America bought Alaska from Russia in the 1800s. It felt reminiscent of my trip to the Northern Caucasus mountains. Melissa took me to an amazing coffee shop called Two Sisters and I ordered my first latte in like five months. It was made with locally roasted organic coffee. Amazing. We brought home two pounds and I already sent one to my dad (my number one fellow coffee lover). For me, this cafe took a nod to my Californian roots, it could easily belong in San Diego. Everything was fresh and interesting. And their flavor combinations were delicious! And yes, I'm enjoying food again...woo hoo! The "two sisters" were clearly foodies. Okay, enough about the coffee shop. (except one more thing, I ate a brie and tomato croissant that melted in my mouth.)

We took several really good videos but I can't get them to load (I've tried three different times). Hopefully the Techy Prince will come to my rescue again.

Friday, October 1, 2010