Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Thoughts on homemaking....

So I've been making a mental list of all of the things I was to learn in my upcoming career as a Household Executive. Here's what I got so far (feel free to add your .02):

1) Learn to make the following from scratch:

Sushi - Y'all I'm in love with sushi rolls (I think I'm Asian on the inside). If I could have them every other meal I just might.

Cinnamon Rolls- I baked them out of can this weekend and it's just not the same (this one could be dangerous).

Sweet Sticky Rice - This stuff is divine.

Pecan Pie - Stephen's favorite

Green Tea Ice Cream - I love the texture.

(Can you tell my my sweet tooth has returned?)

2) I want to be able to sew piping on the edges of pillows, like my blogger friend Alyson has done so well here:

and actual garments like these:

3) Breast Feed (I hear this is a HUGE, initially excruciatingly painful, accomplishment)

That's all for now. This list will grow...


Rhonda said...

Here's my $.02...
Pecan Pie is EASY to make. I don't know about the rest though.
Piping takes attention to detail and patience, but if you go slowly and meticulously you can do it
Yes, breastfeeding is difficult at first, but get help from a lactation specialist if you have trouble and you can make it. Stock up on Lanolin and start using it once a day at least a week before your due date. That will help a bit.

Crystal said...

Love this advice, however, I lack in the patience area, so I'll heed your "slowly and meticulously" suggestion. And I have access to a great lactation specialist, so that's great! Thank you Rhonda =).

Eileen said...

Excuse me for bluntness, but as my mother told me... "scrub your nipples." I never had any pain, but I did as she told me with a rough towel and toughened them up while pregnant. It doesn't have to be excruciating. It didn't come as naturally as I thought it would though for my firstborn, and we needed some help getting it together.

Eileen said...

PS - I'm SO EXCITED for you both. Love you so!

Jolene Grace said...

Homemade cinnamon rolls are my FAVORITE! They are the Christmas morning tradition around here. (If you have a breadmaker, they are even easier!) You also will need to learn how to overlook dustballs in favor of catnaps with your new little bundle. (This will be the hardest for you to learn yet!) XOXOX LOVE YOU!

terapiafloral said...

I love sushi

Crystal said...

Eileen, THANK YOU for the bluntness! I've been asking nurses etc what to do "now". I have a buff puff that I use on my face, so that will be perfect. Thanks =)!

And Jolene, I'm getting a bread maker soon! Gotta love Craigs List ;)

Ginger said...

Why is breastfeeding excruciatingly painful?? W/ four babies, it's only been painful with one. She wasn't latching on correctly and I wasn't paying attention. I was so busy blissfully staring at her beautiful newborn-ness.
All of my midwives have said there's nothing you need to do to prepare your body for nursing. God made your body to do this. Don't hurt yourself now in hopes of avoiding pain later. That doesn't make sense.

I want some sushi!!

Chelle said...

I agree with Ginger... sushi sounds awesome and no nipple prep needed.

not gonna lie, it can be painful at the start of breastfeeding. there is a learning stage (for you and baby) where latching-on properly can be an issue (that's what caused me the most pain).

my advice:
- Y'all (you and Stephen) should attend the breast-feeding class offered at your hospital. We found it very useful... gotta love Carl giving tips he remembered from class! Husband support is HUGE, in my opinion.
- Make sure you are ready to have a Lactation Specialist or nurse just grab your breast and get things going for you. Honestly, losing modesty with your body happens late in pregnancy... or during labor :)

PS-feel free to send any practice pies or cinnamon rolls over to us.

best of luck with it all!

Christy said...

Here's something I am still trying to learn as the "mom at home." How do I keep both ends of the house clean at the same time? I get one end clean and when I get done the kids have destroyed the other end. When you get this one figured out in the years to come friend let me know. :)

Emily Jane said...

mmmm, sticky rice and sushi, amazing! You are going to be a great Home Executive!

Allyson said...

Hooray, I love fat piping! Let me know if you need any help! You have a wonderful list and I must agree with the following:

learn to make sushi (vegetarian for me though)

sweet sticky rice - please share if you ever figure it out


I already accomplished breastfeeding - woohoo! and yes it was extremely painful at first. The cause of the pain was being "engorged" for the first time - I had too much milk and didn't know what to do with it. Then my nipples split and cracked. Nursing baby + cracked nipples = Oh. My. Painful. Yes, please find out what you can do to prevent those things from happening! But, if you can't prevent them, it will pass soon and your body will learn how much milk to produce and your nipples will heal and you will have months of wonderful nursing!