Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A few things...

Here are some baby things that I've been working on for a college friend. And by "been working on" I mean, I took my sewing machine to mine and Stephen's getaway weekend and set up shop while he watched football. Romantic huh? I just started a new job about a month ago and it leaves me with limited free time, so hey, why not sew in our hotel room?

Pre-pregnancy I could confidently say that I was a true Californian (meaning I lived on tofu and wheatgrass juice) and had never ordered an "Italian" sandwich with all sorts of saturated fatty meat (pepperoni, salami, ham) and vinegar and pepperchinis. But pregnancy has fixed that one. I think I've ordered this sandwich from Subway like at least ten times now. And I have to have loads of those pungent peppers in every bite.

Another side note, I've started to exercise again and I was really worried because I've been experiencing sharp pains when I turn a certain way throughout the day or when I turn over at night, but I was relived when I found out it's what you call Round Ligament pain. Completely normal. Thank God!

And Stephen and I are headed to Alaska on Saturday for eight days! My in-laws gave us advantage miles and we're going to visit our good friends Daniel and Melissa. They moved to Homer last summer and we've been itching to visit them.

We all went to Turkey together in 2005, before any of us were dating. Crazy how different we all look now. All grown up and stuff.


Rhonda said...

You're so cute.
And so are your creations!
Have fun in Alaska. What a gift.
One day I will get to go there.

Amy said...

I LOVE all that! I wish you were here so you could teach me to sew. And y'know? You and your hubby getting away and each getting to do what you love? That sounds terribly romantic to me!

That is too funny about the Subway sandwiches--pregnancy does some wacky stuff to you, doesn't it?:)

Have a great time in Alaska!!

juliehayman said...

Wow. That is quite a sandwich! (And quite the adorable baby items...)

Ginger said...

I love pepperchinis when I'm pregnant too! Funny!
I got on a major sewing kick during my pregnancy. It continued until baby was 3 months old. I had so much fun!

Christy said...

Crazy what 5 years will do. Just think in 5 years your little one will be on their way to kindergarten. :)

Allyson said...

I love it, you brought your sewing machine on vacation with you! I'm wondering what your hubby thought of that : ) as far as food cravings, I remember my aversions more - how can you forget that distinct gagging sick to your stomach feeling you get from a smell? I got that from coffee and chinese food. I couldn't eat chinese for years after I had my baby because of the memory...I got over the coffee and started drinking decaf by my 7-8th month. : ) there is hope!

April said...

these projects are so cute! i, too, find myself thankful for football season because it means i get some hours to do my own stuff while dustin is "preoccupied." i never understand how women get upset when their men want to watch football...they need hobbies! also, i am so excited to hear that you are going to alaska...i want to hear all about it.

Emily Jane said...

I love your baby projects! So cute-sy!!