Thursday, September 2, 2010

16 weeks

As promised, here's the bump at almost 18 weeks. Not flattering, but I couldn't put this pic off another day (this belly won't stop growing! and I feel like I'm already running out of room!), so I had Stephen take it as soon as I got home from work today.

Odd cravings: All things vinegarish, greek or italian dressings, lemonade (I tried to drink my weight in it yesterday...let's just say my bowels didn't thank me. at all.), tart desserts (lemon pie, sorbet), severely cold beverages.

Odd aversions: Bacon (super gag), coffee (what?!), chicken by itself (I can eat it in a salad or mixed with stuff, but not solo), buttery sauces, ALL things fried, dog breath, strong perfume smells.

New "take it or leave it's": Ice cream, chocolate (another what?!), sweets in general, etc.

Honestly, food still isn't a happy occasion, not drudgery like before, but just not normal. If I could just drink my way through pregnancy I'd be a happy camper. But this little one needs food, so eating is like a major focus of my day. We go for our next sonogram soon, so I'll definitely post details about the gender!

What were your odd cravings or aversions?


Rhonda said...

You look so cute!

Jessica said...

I'm so happy to see the baby bump! You are so adorable!!!! I hope I get to kiss it in person :)

I never drink lemonade, but totally craved it with my second pregnancy.... especially strawberry lemonade. I HATED chicken salad with my first pregnancy. I HATED coffee for about 20 weeks both times... I couldn't even handle to smell it. Both times I could have lived on sweets and fruit all day long, lol.

Ginger said...

That pic is adorable! Makes me miss pregnancy.
I never really had any cravings, but I've had an aversion to sweets every. single. time. Gotta love that!
Unfortunately, it swung 180* after birth. I wanted sweets I don't even like normally. Ugh.

Christy said...

I was laughing out loud at your "drinking my weight in lemonade" So freakin' hilarious! Oh and you look lovely friend.

Jolene Grace said...

You look beautiful! My biggest aversion in my 1st pregnancy was chicken. YUCK. Oh, and salad. LOVED sherbet. LOVED OJ and Lemonade. I remember that gagging fun. You definitely don't feel like the life of the party. ;-) Still praying for you, my beautiful friend.

Jolene Grace said...

P.S. - We have a Meyer Lemon Balsamic Vinegar that you would DIE for right now. I so wish you could come over to try it!

pelz said...

i logged on here just because i miss you and have been trying to picture what your bump looks like-- and here you've posted it! my goodness! there's really a baby in there! oh. tears. so excited for you!