Thursday, August 26, 2010

Prego Product Review


I debated going cheap or going with what seemed to be the most effective. I went with effective.

Mama Mio oil absorbs into the skin, so it's not so greasy, and it smells nice. However, I like using this at night and I'm not sure I would like it as much during the day. I like my skin to really breath when I'm out in this hot weather.

Mama Mio cream is really thick, but goes on smoothly. I use it in the morning after my shower. If I could do it over, I might've just ordered two creams because it seems that the cream will last longer than the oil.

My friend Violet who is 8 months pregnant also uses the Mama Mio cream and has no signs of stretch marks (though they run rampant in her family). So after a little more research, I decided to order both of these and so far so good (though I already have a few stretch marks painting my high hips, and I'm SO excited about this). What I like most about both products is that they are all natural. What I hope to like most about both products is NO stretch marks. I'll keep you posted.


Though I am a HUGE fan of Juice Plus as a prenatal vitamin, they didn't agree with me. So at the recommendation of Violet, once again, I purchased these from Whole Foods and they're perfect for my overly sensitive stomach (and I only take one a day):

However, in my first trimester when I was feeling like death warmed over and swallowing anything was a challenge, my OBGYN said I could take these, so I did:


At this point, all of my pants look something like this:

And my tops look something like this:

Or this (if I'm showin of the bump), with a cardigan for coverage:

But I have yet to find a really good maternity legging? Target failed me sorely in this area and JCPenny's legging works now that I've altered it, but did you have one that worked for you? I have always been a fan of leggings and I am now more than ever.


These aren't exactly pregnancy products, in fact, they aren't at all. But I'm excited about them, so I'll gush.

I am crazy about this new brand Yes to Carrots. I discovered the lotion at Target about six months ago and fell in love with the scent. And it was just a bonus that it was mostly natural. So far I've used the lotion and the body wash (my dad and his girlfriend mailed me both for my birthday). The body wash doesn't lather super well (no parabens), but I don't care...I JUST LOVE THE SMELL.


I drink a lot of these everyday (and I really like it if they're severely cold):

And what would a review from me be without my trusty lipgloss. I just love this stuff. It keeps my lips pretty and happy, not to mention it lasts forever:

Now, I have a product question for you guys. Did or do you use a pregnancy pillow?


Jessica said...

I'm DYING to see your belly... please please post a pic :)

I used one of those huge prego pillows with my first pregnancy, and I liked it. With my second I just used a big queen pillow to tuck between my legs... it worked out better.

Edward and Gretchen said...

With my first pregnancy I had no stretch marks until 38 weeks even though I lathered all kinds of potions on my belly. I personally know two mothers who carried twins full term and didn't have a single stretch mark and both can now sport bikinis. (BTW, I'm not speaking of Jill.) My philosophy is that if you're going to get them, you're going to get them.

I do hope your cream works well. A little encouragement either way is that they usually fade and get smaller in size over time...until the next baby comes.

Oh response to your question, we are unsure of how many children we will have. We are praying the Lord will bless us with several more.

Crystal Keilers said...

Okay Jess, I'll have Stephen take a belly pic this weekend =).

Gretchen, I know it could be snake oil, but I'm pretty naive to everything right now. And realizing that these marketing people target first time moms...because we're clueless.

Christy said...

Yes pictures please!!! I can't wait! I obviously cannot comment on the use of the pregnancy pillow from experience but I do use one to take the pressure off my back from the RA. It's a life saver. Also I loved your product reviews. So cute. Miss you.

Rhonda said...

Ditto on the picture request!!!
As for leggings - I loved the ones from Old Navy.
And I never invested in a pregnancy pillow. I just used a couple of king sized pillows and all was good.

Jody said...

Sweet thing, seriously, this is not a biggee. If you get stretch marks they are a testament to the goodness of God in letting you carry a baby. If you don't, it means you probably have really elastic-y skin. I don't have any on my abdomen anywhere, 3 pregnancies, one was twins. But that doesn't mean I don't have them anywhere. :)

Used lots of pillows, none of them "pregnancy pillows", also upgraded to a king bed when there wasn't enough room for the pillows.

The best advice I got in pregnancy was: Don't eat junk. It just makes your body work harder to get rid of it and takes energy from making a baby.

Happy Prego Months!

Eileen said...

Wow, times have changed. Good product reviews too! Fun, fun, fun! I LOVED being pregnant!

Chelle said...

OK, I never used a true stretch mark lotion, but I did lather on L'Occitane 100% shea butter. Used it during my Kylah pregnancy with great results... used it again during the Taryn & Leyton pregnancy... I'm only 4 weeks post-delivery, but it looks like I will be a bikini-mama once again. Looove the shea butter, but I know genetics plays a huge part in the stretch mark battle.

Never used a prego pillow because I have always slept with a body-pillow. You will definitely want something (especially when your belly gets bigger) to support the weight of your belly, but regular pillows work.

leggings - I wore my pre-pregnancy ones for a long time. They are low-rise, so I just wore them underbelly.

don't waste your money on anything designed specifically for pregos: it is definitely the power of marketing. my MUST HAVE would be a Bella Band... I was able to wear my regular jeans into my 5th month and then get extra belly support at the end (and this was with my huuuuge twin belly). Using it again, since my regular jeans can be zipped but not buttoned :)

full of pregnancy info... so fresh in the mind! best of luck.

Ginger said...

Totally agree w/ Gretchen and Jody. Stretch marks are hereditary. Used cream w/ my 1st pregnancy only. 4 births later, still no stretch marks. Just dumb luck.

Jolene Grace said...

I just used pillows between my legs instead of a pregnancy pillow, and they worked out fine. As for stretch marks, I used cocoa butter the entire time and thought I had no marks until after the baby was born. I realized they appeared sometime in the last month on the underside of the belly (you don't really see that area easily at 8 months!). ;-)