Thursday, August 26, 2010

Prego Product Review


I debated going cheap or going with what seemed to be the most effective. I went with effective.

Mama Mio oil absorbs into the skin, so it's not so greasy, and it smells nice. However, I like using this at night and I'm not sure I would like it as much during the day. I like my skin to really breath when I'm out in this hot weather.

Mama Mio cream is really thick, but goes on smoothly. I use it in the morning after my shower. If I could do it over, I might've just ordered two creams because it seems that the cream will last longer than the oil.

My friend Violet who is 8 months pregnant also uses the Mama Mio cream and has no signs of stretch marks (though they run rampant in her family). So after a little more research, I decided to order both of these and so far so good (though I already have a few stretch marks painting my high hips, and I'm SO excited about this). What I like most about both products is that they are all natural. What I hope to like most about both products is NO stretch marks. I'll keep you posted.


Though I am a HUGE fan of Juice Plus as a prenatal vitamin, they didn't agree with me. So at the recommendation of Violet, once again, I purchased these from Whole Foods and they're perfect for my overly sensitive stomach (and I only take one a day):

However, in my first trimester when I was feeling like death warmed over and swallowing anything was a challenge, my OBGYN said I could take these, so I did:


At this point, all of my pants look something like this:

And my tops look something like this:

Or this (if I'm showin of the bump), with a cardigan for coverage:

But I have yet to find a really good maternity legging? Target failed me sorely in this area and JCPenny's legging works now that I've altered it, but did you have one that worked for you? I have always been a fan of leggings and I am now more than ever.


These aren't exactly pregnancy products, in fact, they aren't at all. But I'm excited about them, so I'll gush.

I am crazy about this new brand Yes to Carrots. I discovered the lotion at Target about six months ago and fell in love with the scent. And it was just a bonus that it was mostly natural. So far I've used the lotion and the body wash (my dad and his girlfriend mailed me both for my birthday). The body wash doesn't lather super well (no parabens), but I don't care...I JUST LOVE THE SMELL.


I drink a lot of these everyday (and I really like it if they're severely cold):

And what would a review from me be without my trusty lipgloss. I just love this stuff. It keeps my lips pretty and happy, not to mention it lasts forever:

Now, I have a product question for you guys. Did or do you use a pregnancy pillow?

Saturday, August 14, 2010

My first trimester...

...was torturous. To be perfectly transparent. Hence why I’ve been MIA in cyberspace. Seriously, checking facebook and happy blog entries made me feel that much more terminal, so I stopped. I thought if I were to do status updates they might cancel my facebook account. They would have read something like, “Hating life today. And all people enjoying food.” Or “Feeling like I am on chemo-therapy. Can’t. Stop. Gagging.” I had originally written a long entry detailing how horrible it was and it makes me sick just reading it, so instead, I will just say it was really really bad. And now that I am in my 15th week,the nausea has lessened, but I am not symptom-free. Believe me, I’ll take this over the prior, but I still don’t feel entirely human. I have been working through a lot of dashed hope and expectation, as I've always imagined pregnancy to be the happiest time in my life, but it has actually been just the opposite. Being so sick and not enjoying pregnancy has been a big let down for me. I am working through the disappointment and finding deep gratitude for the fact that I am going to be a mother, my life-long dream. I am also learning to be honest with what I am truly feeling.

On a lighter note, there is one very happy thing going on now! I am beginning to look at fabric! We don’t know the sex of the baby yet, we’ll find out late September. BUT there hasn’t been a girl born to Stephen’s side of the family in like 30 years, and in that the man controls the sex of the baby, I’m thinking we’re gonna have a boy (even though I really want a girl that I can cutiefy). Here are the boy fabrics that I am most crazy about:

While I can't feel the baby yet, our most recent sonogram showed the little one moving back and forth, waving with full fingers and kicking with full toes. Now that was an amazing moment. And yes, I cried a lot, feeling so grateful that I am not so sick in vain. And it really hit me at the fact that "I" am this baby's mother, this baby will never have another mother. Profound and scary thought to me. Wow....