Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My virtual shopping date:

For my birthday present this year, my mom and stepdad decided that they wanted to outfit me for my brother-in-laws wedding. And because my mom and I can't have real shopping dates, we had a series virtual dates to make this outfitting happen.

Starting with the dress.
I found this at Nordstrom for a steal. We both loved it. It's simple and conservatively edgy---the pleats and exposed metal zipper give it a little funk.

Next of course are these bad to the bone heels.
Nough said.

And my now favorite pair of earrings.
This took the most time because we were originally searching for purple earrings to match my shoes, but do you know how hard it is to find purple earrings with silver metal that don't look tacky or cost half a month's salary? Very hard. So, thanks to J Crew, we both agreed these worked very well (and the best part is that I will wear them again and again and again and again and again....okay you get my point).

And to tie a bow on it...

This crazily beautiful scarf

And matching purple clutch.
Again, hats off to Amazon. 70% off, just like my heels. Yes, "70%"!

The nice thing about all of these goodies was that we got almost every one of them on sale and we stayed within our budget. But the best thing about this virtual shopping experience was that we bonded almost like we would in person...because all of the calling, texting, & emailing of the options kept us in touch on a daily basis (yeah we became slightly obsessed). We just had so much fun planning this entire outfit together! And I haven't shopped for a complete outfit (head to toe) in like ten years, it felt indulgent, slightly shallow, but so totally fun! Thank you mama =). I like being gurrrlfriends ;). xo


Rhonda said...

So cute!!!
What a great idea. You found some great stuff girl.

Jessica said...

Ah, I love it. How fun.

What a great idea :)

The outfit is fabulous (of course) and you look gorgeous (of course).

Christy said...

Slightly shallow is OK sometimes. :) You look super cute girlfriend.

Chels said...

Don't you LOVE being a girl?!? :) You are stunning, sweet Crys... inside and out. Love you.