Sunday, February 28, 2010

The perfect distraction

Well, I still haven't finished this sweater:

Because I've been busy working on this sweater:

Which I decided to do on a whim.
After falling in love with an overpriced cardigan at Anthropologie.
I bought this sweater at Salvation Army for $3. I just added a pleated ruffle at the bottom, new buttons, and black satin bias tape along the bottom edge to give it a polished look (because I am so not the polished seamstress).

But I will finish the other sweater eventually (that is if I don't find a new distraction). (And I wonder why my dad calls me "The Add Lady.")


juliehayman said...

SO cute! Love this!

Eileen said...

Very cute... looks so cute on you!

Christy said...

So cute girly. Your funny.

Rhonda said...

Very cute!

Jolene Grace said...

Ok, really, why are you so darn cute?! It isn't fair to the rest of us. Your seamstress talents don't help make you any less adorable either. Stop it! Right now! XOXOXOX

Jessica said...

That is adorable! I just love all the fun stuff you do to your clothes!

I start projects and then start other projects without finishing them too :)