Saturday, January 16, 2010

Blogger fun...

My good friend Jess nominated me for the beautiful blogger award.
And I won! (But it's kinda of like a tag, everyone wins. Shh don't tell;).
I still feel special, so of course I will participate. Seven random things about me:

1. Guilty confession: I've been ghetto dancing, (by myself, in my car), to "Gold Digger" for the past two days.

2. I'm an extrovert with melancholy tendencies.

3. I wish I was more disciplined in my learning how to sew.

4. There's a place inside of me that feels both flooded with love
and yet totally at ease when I'm with people from other countries.

5. If ice cream were a vegetable, I'd be really really thin.

6. I love Documentaries and Independent Films. Tyson is my lately favorite.

7. Someday I may write a book about my life. For now, I blog.

Thanks for nominating me Jess, you were my main inspiration for starting a blog in the first place :).

I nominate these women for sharing their life in such beautiful ways:

1. Amy
2. Eileen
3. Chelsea
4. Kathie
5. Rhonda
6. Shipra
7. Beth

Share with us ladies :)!


Jessica said...

Thanks for playing along. The comment you left on my blog about ADD made me laugh :) I can do the same thing.

I think you've done a fabulous job learning how to sew, I'm amazed at what you do!!! Did you get the link to the pillow pattern I emailed you?

I think in heaven ice cream will make us thin ;)

Christy said...

Love the facts about you. So fun. I am totally an extrovert but feel the same way sometimes. Funny. :)

Allyson Hill said...

This was fun to read, great job with it! Made me laugh!

Shipra Panosian said...

how fun was that to read! I especially appreciate #5, and ditto on #6. Love those indie films.
And you go girl, get your ghetto dancing on!