Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Girlings Are Gone...

The Girling Family went back to Malaysia on Friday. Fortunately, I was able to take all four kiddos bowling Thursday before they left. And we had SO much fun! They are such quality, well-behaved kids. I mean look at these guys...

Isabel was two and a half when I first met them. She's twelve now! And almost as tall as me...

And we've now made it a habit that whenever I'm around I braid Julia's hair or do something fun with it. (Isabel on the other hand wants very little fuss in her routine, braids are a like "no-way".) between our turns I braided Julia's hair and talked about Malaysia and her life.
I relate so much to her soft-heartedness. They actually call Julia the "little Crystal". To say I'm flattered is a complete understatement.
It's funny because when she was like 8 months old I would take her to Starbucks or the grocery store with me, while Isabel was at Mother's Day Out, and people would often say things like, "Your daughter is the spittin' image of you!" I corrected them at first.

I will sure miss this bunch, but I'm so moved by how they are really "living" their love for God.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


And yes, April's ring is a big ole diamond, cushioned by two lovely rubies. Go Dustin!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Blogger fun...

My good friend Jess nominated me for the beautiful blogger award.
And I won! (But it's kinda of like a tag, everyone wins. Shh don't tell;).
I still feel special, so of course I will participate. Seven random things about me:

1. Guilty confession: I've been ghetto dancing, (by myself, in my car), to "Gold Digger" for the past two days.

2. I'm an extrovert with melancholy tendencies.

3. I wish I was more disciplined in my learning how to sew.

4. There's a place inside of me that feels both flooded with love
and yet totally at ease when I'm with people from other countries.

5. If ice cream were a vegetable, I'd be really really thin.

6. I love Documentaries and Independent Films. Tyson is my lately favorite.

7. Someday I may write a book about my life. For now, I blog.

Thanks for nominating me Jess, you were my main inspiration for starting a blog in the first place :).

I nominate these women for sharing their life in such beautiful ways:

1. Amy
2. Eileen
3. Chelsea
4. Kathie
5. Rhonda
6. Shipra
7. Beth

Share with us ladies :)!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'm copying...

THIS sweater. And it's a very detailed process.
So far all I've got done is this....

Wish me luck.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Esquire Article

I read THIS article today and it really made me think. The idea that "Love wins" is what resonated with me the most. It made me think about the fact that Love is what captured my heart initially and is what now continually changes me.
Not judgement. Not self-introspection. Not perfectionism.
It's the simple, profound, deep love of God that gets me every time.
His love touching my humanity. Loving all my uglies.

I also poked around on the authors website and it's incredible all of the things that they're doing to, in their words, "resurrect their community." Building schools and parks in what used to house drugs and violence.
I am moved when people band together to bring such transformation to a little pocket of their city.

"Every waterfall begins with a single raindrop."

While we were in South Africa a couple of years ago I had a similar ah-ha moment. While I was holding this feverish baby with a horrible abscess and two infected ears, it dawned on me that all of the people that were involved in the long-term care of these HIV positive babies and adults were like a speck of sand on the seashore of this AIDS empedemic in South Africa. Seemingly insignificant. It also dawned on me that if we would all wholeheartedly do our part, with God as the substance of our "speck", our world could experience healing, our seashores could overflow. One tiny corner of each city at a time. One little life at a time. With Love flowing through us. Flow through me Lord.

Monday, January 4, 2010

November Visit

Okay, I haven't taken any pictures over the holidays. So...I'm finally going to post pictures from my weekend visit to California in November. It was for my friend (like-a-cousin) Julie's wedding. Our families have been friends since before we were born and actually we were born only a few hours apart (but I'm a day older cause she was born after midnight, ha!;). Anyway, her wedding was so fun!

Here's Julie and I together:

And My Whole Family

Me and My Daddy

Me and My baby Sister

My Mama and Stepdad

My Brother and His Date (gettin their grove on)

And the next morning, Auntie fed her Monkey Boy a really healthy breakfast....

And then we rocked out....

And two days was way too short....