Monday, November 30, 2009

Not Your Mother's Sewing Class

November 2009. We had a total of 10 women at the workshop, 6 new seamstresses. It was SO MUCH FUN! We of course started with crumb cake & coffee talk and then had our go at pillow making. My mantra all day was, "Perfection is Not Our Goal." Because that is something I needed to hear when I was a baby seamstress (which I'm now only a toddler [and growing...]).

When I first entertained the idea of learning to sew, I wanted to learn two things: the basics & a creative process. Eileen taught me the basics, but I stumbled through my creative process. I longed for sewing sisters. Which is what inspired this workshop. I wanted to help women conquer their fear of the sewing machine and inspire them to create beautiful things. And I think both were initiated. We didn't follow a pattern per se, I just designed this basic pillow and taught the ladies how to make it. (And frankly, I'm still completely intimidated by patterns. I WILL conquer that one! And it will probably be inspiration for future workshops;).

Here are a few pics that Eileen took during the workshop:


mommy4 said...

grrrr! so bummed I missed it! Lexy is going to Europe this summer and we have to watch every penny around here. They look AMAZING! Avery (8) wants a sewing machine for Christmas, which my mom, the seamstress, already bought her. Oh, what fun we will have. You are so talented! Avery wants to be a fashion designer.

Jessica said...

You have no idea how much I wish I could come to one of your workshops! ahhhhhh

Your pillows look adorable :)

Rhonda said...

How fun.
Love all the pics Eileen!

Amy said...

Those are so cute!! Well done, girls!