Thursday, October 8, 2009

Products Review

I have been working on several little projects and I will post pics later. But for now, how about a product review?

After my third day of trying my homemade dry shampoo I was pretty much grossed out by scratching my head to find baking soda underneath my fingernails. Ick. Double ick. So, my friend mentioned this very cheap alternative from Bed Bath & Beyond (and I bought three cans & used a $5 off coupon). I now couple this with lil baby powder and it works really nicely as a dry shampoo. And my hair has so much more body!

I'm lovin this Maybelline Seashell color eye shadow:

And I occasionally line my eyes with Antique Jade:

I've had these tweezers for over four years and they still work like a charm. They are sharp & able to grab the little guys:

I tried to cheat on my beloved Vitamin C cleanser with Mary Kay and it was a big mistake HUGE (my pores were suffocated):

Lately, the podiatrist has been very mean to my left foot (I'll spare you the details), so I've needed these for cushioning. And they were worth every single penny. They're amazing on blisters too.

I'm liking this spray gel because it doesn't make my hair crunchy, but tames the frizz in my wave.

Floss picks. Did I tell you flossing has changed my life? Well, yes, since my last review here are the three types I've tried:

Two thumbs up (the cloth floss is key)

Two Thumb down (plastic, so they stretch out and break)

Three Thumbs down (they are too taut, so they snap)

And what would a product review be from yours truly without my main makeup staple, Origins Lipgloss:

Please share your staple product(s)....


Jessica said...

I bought those Dentek flossers and hated them too! I totally agree with you about the cloth versus the plastic string.

Christy said...

I totally can only wash my hair every other day cause of the oil and frizz, I should try that stuff. :) Love your product reviews girly.

Eileen said...

Interesting... sometimes I sprinkle a little baby powder on my hair when I'm being lazy and don't want to wash it. I should try this stuff!

Crystal said...

Christy, I used to have to wash my hair "every" day, now it's every other b/c I use the dry shampoo on the other days :).