Sunday, October 4, 2009


Lesson learned. Don't bake an apple pie with a whole wheat crust. Results are dry and tasteless.
(But the filling is still we're gutting it for all it's worth;).

Also, further confirming I'm not a baker. Cooking is much more my thang. (I think it's because I can be creative and don't entirely have to play by the rules. As when you break or bend rules in baking it's game over.)


Christy said...

ha,ha, so true about baking but I LOVE it! next time sicne you are "baking" challenged just by the pillsbury already made crusts and pretend you made the perfect crust; they are good and nobody will be able to tell. ;)

Eileen said...

I can never make a pie like my Mom's, even though she has "taught" me many times. Wuz up with that? Sorry the crust didn't work out after all that work!!!

Crystal said...

Eileen, your mom is just "the" chef. I never had a bad meal that she's made. However, you are amazing in the kitchen too and I think I could say the exact same thing about you!

Allyson Hill said...

I so agree with this! I just got a book from the library that you might want to look into :) called "Bakewise" and it explains the science behind baking and helps troubleshoot. But, hey! Good for you for trying and remember that you gotta keep at it if you want to improve!