Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My first haircut, tech game, & a dress

So I gave my first haircut yesterday....



This is part of our new budget strategy. Not the mention the fact that I've been wanting to cut someone's hair for most of my life. And I liked it a lot, it was really fun, but I must say, I'll be "editing" for the next few days ;).

And this weekend, Stephen and I went to Texas Tech's opening football game in Lubbock, Texas. We had a blast!!! I'm such a cheerleader at heart, I love getting all decked out in red & black and cheering for our team :)! Too much fun!

And here's a dress I added some fabric too about a month ago (fabric from another one of my mother-in-laws old collared shirts). And both pics are so blurry, sorry:

I finished the filing cabinet last week too and I'll post pics soon.


Jessica said...

I'm super impressed with the hair cut! Did you learn how to do that somewhere? How awesome you can do that :)

The game looks like fun and the dress is cute my sweet creative friend!

Jolene Grace said...

Great job on the haircut! I'm not very good at cutting hair, so I let my sister in law do it. :-) I love the dress too!

mommy4 said...

Woman! I cannot believe you cut your hubbies hair! Well then again, yes I can. You are so great, and brave! Tino shaves his head so that's easy. Oh and the dress, BEAUTIFUL!

Christy said...

I cut dans hair as well but its more of a shave technique. :0 Great job friend and oh you are SOOOO a cheerleader. :)I'm cheering you on from sunny Cali though.

Eileen said...

Stephen... you let her cut YOUR HAIR??? Wow, I'm impressed (not with the haircut, with STEPHEN!!!) hehehe

Rhonda said...

Great job with the haircut. I used to cut bruce and the boys' hair until we met a friend that knew what she was doing and offered to be our stylist.
And I agree with Christy. You are sooooo a cheerleader. I bet it is super fun going to a game with you!