Monday, August 17, 2009

Wine Bottles

Okay, I'm not in hiding, but don't have time just yet to post pics of the second part of our vacation (and nothing exciting happened this weekend:). So...I'm just going to continue to share cool things/blogs I'm finding online. Like THIS post about how to make a "wine bottle torch". I've been saving wine bottles for a while now (all green, no blue) and I've considered making a chandelier, something in between the looks of these two:

Found on Flickr

Pottery Barn

I've actually seen a cool chandelier like the top one (except with no labels on the bottles) at a local french restaurant here in Dallas:

I've been saving bottles ever since. And now, maybe I'll start taking a collection of pretty blue (Riesling?) bottles. Not sure if the torch would be as eye catching in green? Have you ever seen or done anything creative or fun with wine bottles? Do tell....


Christy said...

I've seen lots of things done with wine bottle but probabaly none worth repeating. ;) Your so stinkin' creative though. I dont know that I have seen blue wine bottles.

Eileen said...

Wow, cool. Got me thinking about my Daddy's bottle garden. Seriously. He decided to put upside-down wine bottles on thin posts at the back of the yard, and called it his bottle garden. It got more attention than my Mom's gorgeous garden, which she worked so hard on, and that really upset her!!!

Rhonda said...

I'm sure whatever you make will be incredibly creative and FABULOUS!