Friday, August 7, 2009

Lately Inspirations

In terms of color....

Anthro always manages to inspire me. I love what they did HERE with this dress:

(c) Anthropologie

Sometimes if you put the right colors together, things that might otherwise not go together seem to just "work". Which is why this dress is perfected by these shoes:

(c) Anthropologie

As seen in on page 22 of the AUG 09 catalog.

And what would a blurb on color be from me without some pastels? LOVE this shirt

(c) Anthropologie

In terms of sewing....

I was SO inspired by my sewing blogger friend (hero), Allyson Hill, in her recent post. She turned this shirt:
(c) Allyson Hill

Into this:
(c) Allyson Hill

And this:
(c) Allyson Hill

(Yes, I know what you're thinking...."she's genius". Yeah, I agree.)

In terms of HOW I'LL SPEND MY MONDAY OFF (Yes, my boss just surprised me & gave me Monday off. NICE!)....

(c) Knack

(c) Knack

I have that wooden filing cabinet begging to be transformed into something pretty. But it will take a full days work (removing stain, sanding, staining again, etc) so Monday will hopefully be perfect for that :).

And if I finish faster than expected, Amanda Johnson (a blog I stumbled upon today) has inspired me to go a thrift store or two. And find something to transform (like Alyson did:).

And finally, on a deeper note
In terms of God....

While in Seattle, Stephen and I met a little boy in the pool who had leukemia and he was on the way to his "make a wish" trip. He had sores on his lips and all of the way down his throat. We were able to hear his story from his dad and pray with them. But as soon as they left the pool, Stephen & I both cried a lot. And thirty minutes later I was praying in our room, still through many tears, and this is the scripture God led me to:

"The Lord is near to those who have a broken heart." -Psalm 34:18

That one encounter is still inspiring me to trust God today. When we suffer God is close to us, He's not removed.

And I've been rockin out to this song in my car lately:


Have a good weekend! Stay kewl (it's going to be 100* here tomorrow).


Christy said...

thanks for the great post as usual. :) My heart hurts for that boy and his family and yet I am inspired by the fact that you took the time to pray with them and lift them up. So encouraged. I am also reminded how blessed we are to have two healthy girls sitting here watching veggie tales without much care in the world right now.

Jessica said...

Awesome inspiration :)

I agree with Christy, I think that is so awesome that you and Stephen took the time to pray with that family, what a neat blessing. That also reminds me that in the midst of a difficult time for myself... well... things could always be MUCh worse.

Oh, and my curtains are just polyester, but I'm honored you thought they were something fancier ;)

Love you!

Rhonda said...

Great post Crystal!
I too am inspired by you. I LOVE that you took the time to pray with that family instead for just praying for them (not to discount the latter). I can only imagine how that affected them and what they talked about after they left you. Awesome my friend - that is what it is all about!

And I have to agree with you... Anthropologie rocks!

I hope you're having a great day!!!