Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Shout Out to Mr Quaker

I have been eating Quaker "slow cook" oatmeal for breakfast the past three weeks and all I can say is "wow". I've lost 5 lbs. And that 5 lbs has inspired me to exercise more and eat even better (I want to lose more). But honestly, the only change I made three weeks ago was eating 2 servings of these yummy oats before 10am everyday. I've learned that oatmeal is soluble fiber and your stomach digests oatmeal slower, meaning you stay full longer, and your blood sugar doesn't peak and drop. Make sense? HERE is brief chart to peak at with lots of benefits. I already love the texture and flavor of oatmeal (thanks to my daddy), but now I'm an advocate for a daily dose of Mr Quaker.
Yeah, go have a bowl for me!


Christy said...

wanna know a yummy idea? OK, you boild apple juice instead of the water and cook the oates the same and then add some brown sugar when they are all done.......yahooo it's like dessert! ;)

Eileen said...

You go girl! (I like Christy's idea... too bad it adds calories!)

Jessica said...

I like to add cinnamon and brown sugar to mine :) I also eat an egg with it when I have a bowl... I find the protein and oatmeal does me good.

I'm so impressed you've lost 5 lbs. just be eating oatmeal, way to go!

Did you know it also helps to increase milk supply when you're breast feeding? Random fact :)

Do you put anything in yours?

Rhonda said...

Way to go. I wish I liked oatmeal, but the only way I can handle it is really not good for me (like in cookies.)

Crystal said...

I'm lovin all of these windows into your oatmeal world :).

Christy, I'm tryin that tomorrow!

Jess---Yes, I typically add brown sugar & milk. Sometimes if I'm out of b.sugar I add syrup or honey. I used to add a little butter (how i grew up eating it), but now I've nixed that habit ;).

Rhonda, you're exactly like my friend Anna :).