Monday, July 6, 2009

Beth's visit

Last weekend my good friend Beth Morgan came into Dallas to shoot a wedding and we got to spend an entire evening with her, it was much needed Beth time :). We of course started at the best bakery on earth (dessert first, so fun;), and then met Stephen at Asian Mint (another fav of mine) for dinner. Afterwards, Beth and I had some girltime perusing Northpark (grateful for the A/C!) and I bought a couple of things at Forever 21:

These for Beth

This necklace for me. If you'll remember, I loosely tried to copy this back in May. But I was so happy to find it was $6.80 at Forever21 as opposed to $38 at Anthropologie. And it's the exact same necklace, not one difference (well, other than a $31 savings :).

It rained a little bit this weekend and cooled us off, the temperature is actually pleasant. The heat makes me so tired so quickly, it's nice for a break. But nonetheless, this weekend was very productive! Friday I had breakfast with my friend Debra at Newhaus Cafe which we discovered is owned by a South African family. It was fun to talk to the owner for a minute about our recent visit to South Africa. Then I ran a bunch of errands (in the heat!). Saturday was spent "inside" cleaning and re-organizing (therapy for me) during the day and then in the evening Stephen and I saw State of Play which we both really enjoyed (no racy sex scenes, little cussing & no gory violence). Yesterday I sewed leather for my first time (and haven't been that frustrated since I began sewing a year ago) and I'll post my finished project later this week.

Stephen and I are also getting ready for our vacation this Saturday! We will spend one week in Seattle and Portland and then board Royal Carribean for a one week Alaskian Cruise with Marriage Today. Hats off to my hubby, who has gone to great lengths to give us such a fabulous vacation! It's been in the making for over 9 months. We're both SO SO SO excited!!!!

***The photos at the top were taken and edited courtesy of Beth Morgan (like duh, have you ever seen any of my images look that cool? ;)


Eileen said...

Sounds like a GREAT weekend! Can't wait to hear all about your trip when you return! An Alaskan cruise... how COOL!!!

Jessica said...

How exciting that you are going on such a great vacation! You will LOVE Alaska, it's SO beautiful... one of the most beautiful places I've ever been :) Plus we had some of the freshest, yummiest seafood ever up there! I hope your vacation is a wonderful time of refreshment and renewal for you guys.

Oh, and cute finds at Forever 21... I love that they have such inexpensive jewelry there.

Christy said...

SO glad you got to have "Beth time" Cute. Oh and have so much fun on your cruise. I cant wait to hear all about it and see photos. You know if your just dying to post they have internet on the cruise! ;) What? I cant be without my "crystal" fix for a week. :)