Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sneak Peak

I've been super busy playing catch up here (both at home & work). So in few words, our trip was incredible. Really, we enjoyed each other so much and learned a lot from the marriage conference. (Not to mention Alaska was breathtaking! Wait until you see pictures.) I'll give you more details later, but for now here's a couple of images that Stephen took (that I think are way awesome). I missed you guys, and I'll play catch up on your worlds next ;).

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Seattle, Portland, & Alaska here we come....

We're on our way for our two week vacation. We'll start in Seattle then head to Portland and back to Seattle to board the cruise headed to Alaska. We're SO exited, we've been planning this for over nine months now and we can't believe it's finally here!

Here's a quick picture of the fanny pack/clutch I've been working on over the last week. It was my first for many things....sewing leather, breaking a needle (x2), lining a bag.... If I had time, I would make it again and add a couple of zippers for more security. But overall, I think it will be nice to tote around on our excursions. (I didn't have time to model it for you as a fanny pack, sorry:). See you in two weeks!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Psalm 22

I was reading Psalm 22 the other day and it hit me that the first 21 verses are all about the psalmist's trial, his time of deep suffering. And the last 9 are an eruption of praise because God "answered him". This really registered with me. I grabbed my Starbucks receipt and quickly scribbled my notes on the back. One cool thing is that the psalmist was totally honest with God, he aired his frustration and pointed out the fact that God had helped his "fathers" but seemed to be absent for him.
He was honest with his doubt. However, the one thing that the psalmist continued to do (despite his disbelief) was ask God for help. And God responded. I've been writing a lot of my thoughts down lately about my life, my marriage, my mom's alcoholism, and my journey in general over the past few years and this is a theme that has come up a lot for me. When I call, He answers (eventually). And yet it still amazes me when I read that very thing happening for someone else in the Bible. I'm grateful that He let's us have our journey and the lessons that come with it. And I'm so grateful that when our trust wavers, God's love for us doesn't.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Beth's visit

Last weekend my good friend Beth Morgan came into Dallas to shoot a wedding and we got to spend an entire evening with her, it was much needed Beth time :). We of course started at the best bakery on earth (dessert first, so fun;), and then met Stephen at Asian Mint (another fav of mine) for dinner. Afterwards, Beth and I had some girltime perusing Northpark (grateful for the A/C!) and I bought a couple of things at Forever 21:

These for Beth

This necklace for me. If you'll remember, I loosely tried to copy this back in May. But I was so happy to find it was $6.80 at Forever21 as opposed to $38 at Anthropologie. And it's the exact same necklace, not one difference (well, other than a $31 savings :).

It rained a little bit this weekend and cooled us off, the temperature is actually pleasant. The heat makes me so tired so quickly, it's nice for a break. But nonetheless, this weekend was very productive! Friday I had breakfast with my friend Debra at Newhaus Cafe which we discovered is owned by a South African family. It was fun to talk to the owner for a minute about our recent visit to South Africa. Then I ran a bunch of errands (in the heat!). Saturday was spent "inside" cleaning and re-organizing (therapy for me) during the day and then in the evening Stephen and I saw State of Play which we both really enjoyed (no racy sex scenes, little cussing & no gory violence). Yesterday I sewed leather for my first time (and haven't been that frustrated since I began sewing a year ago) and I'll post my finished project later this week.

Stephen and I are also getting ready for our vacation this Saturday! We will spend one week in Seattle and Portland and then board Royal Carribean for a one week Alaskian Cruise with Marriage Today. Hats off to my hubby, who has gone to great lengths to give us such a fabulous vacation! It's been in the making for over 9 months. We're both SO SO SO excited!!!!

***The photos at the top were taken and edited courtesy of Beth Morgan (like duh, have you ever seen any of my images look that cool? ;)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Shout Out to Mr Quaker

I have been eating Quaker "slow cook" oatmeal for breakfast the past three weeks and all I can say is "wow". I've lost 5 lbs. And that 5 lbs has inspired me to exercise more and eat even better (I want to lose more). But honestly, the only change I made three weeks ago was eating 2 servings of these yummy oats before 10am everyday. I've learned that oatmeal is soluble fiber and your stomach digests oatmeal slower, meaning you stay full longer, and your blood sugar doesn't peak and drop. Make sense? HERE is brief chart to peak at with lots of benefits. I already love the texture and flavor of oatmeal (thanks to my daddy), but now I'm an advocate for a daily dose of Mr Quaker.
Yeah, go have a bowl for me!