Monday, June 22, 2009

My first patterns...

I've been in a sewing class the past three weeks and here's what I've made, using this KWIK SEW pattern for each

I learned how to sew interfacing into the collar (actually it irons on & you sew around it). We also snipped the edges so that the collar lays nicely around your neck. Veering from the pattern a little, I added an extra band around the bottom to give it more length and shape (this pattern is so boxed shape).

Skirt (I also added elastic on the bottom too, which was not part of the original pattern)

I learned how to sewing "casing" (essentially a pocket) for the elastic and also how to finish the inside seams (so they don't get stringy and fray).

I'm debating taking it in because it's really big and somewhat frumpy looking. But taking it in will be a somewhat detailed process because of the casing for the elastic (and alterations are the boring part of sewing if you ask me;).

I made something out of a recycled tie this weekend (side note: it's cracking me up how people are using the word "recycled" lately, it's a haughty way of saying "used". But as you can tell, I've jumped on that bandwagon anyway;). It's a gift, so I'll post after Wednesday. I'm happy with how it turned out. Have a great week everyone!


Jessica said...

I love love love the shirt! I'm so impressed! I have yet to dive into the world of sewing clothes, it seems so intimidating. I think a class is a great way to start. I'm loving all of your creations! Oh how I wish we could get together and sew (amongst many other things)!

Rhonda said...

Great job Crystal!
They look so NOT homemade.
That is a sign of a good seamstress.

Eileen said...

Awesome... I can't believe how well you are doing with your sewing, you've far exceeded my abilities!!!

Kathie said...

Wow--nice work!