Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ceramics & a Slumber party

We had such a girly blast this weekend! Starting with breakfast at the always delicious Dream Cafe. Then we painted pottery at Purple Glaze. Later, after running some errands, I headed out to Eileen's Ranch (I say "Ranch" because her house is tucked away from the road, by a yard about 500 yards long leading to her front door. Then you enter through this darling porch, creatively cluttered with antiques (of course). So cozy, so charming, so Eileen). Eileen made Lasagna, salad and one of the best cookie bars ever! We of course allowed Kylah to entertain us all night long, with her heart felt rendition of High School Musical and various improv songs (side note: Eileen isn't just being "grammy-like" when she gawks over this little one. She truly is darling, easy to be around, and creative beyond her years...seriously you should hear her sing to herself and make the words up as she's going!). And somewhere in there, I sewed for a little bit on her dining room table (pictures to come of the top and skirt I finished in my sewing class yesterday). Overall, such a fun girly getaway.


Rhonda said...

A sewing class? How fun!!!
I can't wait to see pictures.

Christy said...

aahh, so glad you all could hang out. :)