Monday, June 8, 2009

Visit with the folks (I've always wanted to use the word "folks")

We had so much fun with my parents while they were here last week. Really the best visit I've ever had with them.

And our favorite evening with my parents was their last night here, we went to Five Sixty Wolfgang Pucks new restaurant here in Dallas. This restaurant is da bomb!!! Five Sixty is located "560" feet above ground and overlooks the entire Dallas skyline. And the coolest part is that the floor rotates a complete 360 degrees every hour, so essentially you get a full view of the city every hour (and it goes so slowly you hardly notice it at all). Not to mention the entire restaurant is just completely beautiful, everything is done in tasteful wood, stone and glass, etc. A MUST if you're ever in Dallas.

Here are our faces from this week:

This was the night we took them out for their 24th wedding anniversary

This was the night at Five Sixty. And let me take this opportunity to add that Stephen took these pics with a point and shoot and he did fabulous. I mean look at this cool image! Isn't he awesome?! (And unfortunately I don't have photoshop or anything close, so I can't doctor these to be even fancier).

My mom bought us matching scarves, isn't she so cute in hers?

The table lamp in the lobby, us in the background waiting for the elevator

On the way up inside of the elevator (see, I told you my hubby has skillz):

Mom and Dad shared Prime Rib

I ordered the duck and didn't like it, so my honey switched with me

And I ate his delicious seafood curry...oh wow...way too good

..and contrary to this picture, my mother was totally sober ;)~ hehe. I love you mama.

And of course we did some shopping and I'll post more finds from that later this week. Not thrifting or garage saleing (as we both wou'd've liked to do, but didn't have much time), but actual retail store shopping. I had the most therapeutic outlet store experience ever---HERE.

And on a different note, God has been doing a really sweet thing in my heart since my parents left and I'm going to share my thoughts about it later this week. All I can say is that He is so good to me. And so faithful.

I'll leave you with a picture of Stephen and I from this past weekend at the Sample wedding.


Rhonda said...

I LOVE the shoes you wore to 560. You always have had GREAT taste!!!
And you're right - Stephen is pretty great with a camera.
Can't wait to hear what God is doing in you!

Jessica said...

Looks like you guys had a great time... and you look SO pretty in your cute outfit at dinner. That restaurant looks like it is amazing, how fun!

Kathie said...

Aren't the moments as adults with our parents so precious! And those pics are great!

Eileen said...

Awesome... so happy you had such a great time with your parents! And what a honey... switching dinner for you!!! I don't think I'd do that for ANYONE!!!

Christy said...

love the photos and cant wait to hear what God is doing in your heart. Love ya' sweetie. ;)

mommy4 said...

In the first picture of you guys, did you plan on the matching outfits? You and your mom, and your honey and your dad? Anyhoo, you guys are nothing short of BEAUTIFUL!