Monday, June 29, 2009

My Mother-in-Law's Skirt

Sunday's Outfit:

Monday's Outfit:

Oh and yes, she gave it to me. I didn't just cut it up and surprise her ;).

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Camera Strap Cover

I made this camera strap out of an old tie. The most difficult part was taking apart the tie and trying to cut it into an even piece. (I've now decided that a rolling cutter & a cutting board are at the top on my wish list!) And that gold piece in the center is an earring I got for a quarter at a garage sale...gotta love it.

Monday, June 22, 2009

My first patterns...

I've been in a sewing class the past three weeks and here's what I've made, using this KWIK SEW pattern for each

I learned how to sew interfacing into the collar (actually it irons on & you sew around it). We also snipped the edges so that the collar lays nicely around your neck. Veering from the pattern a little, I added an extra band around the bottom to give it more length and shape (this pattern is so boxed shape).

Skirt (I also added elastic on the bottom too, which was not part of the original pattern)

I learned how to sewing "casing" (essentially a pocket) for the elastic and also how to finish the inside seams (so they don't get stringy and fray).

I'm debating taking it in because it's really big and somewhat frumpy looking. But taking it in will be a somewhat detailed process because of the casing for the elastic (and alterations are the boring part of sewing if you ask me;).

I made something out of a recycled tie this weekend (side note: it's cracking me up how people are using the word "recycled" lately, it's a haughty way of saying "used". But as you can tell, I've jumped on that bandwagon anyway;). It's a gift, so I'll post after Wednesday. I'm happy with how it turned out. Have a great week everyone!

Friday, June 19, 2009

This weeks inspirations....

I've been seeing these necklaces pop up HERE and THERE and while I'm not in love with them, I still want to try and make something similar this weekend. And the challenge to myself is to make one that I do love (and it's not like I'll be out any money, except scraps of t-shirt material;).

For some reason I just like THIS painting. I want to sew a wall hanging with a similar composition, rectangular scraps layered on top of each other. And muted tones, I like the muted tones.

THIS door handle is wild! Dramatic colors aren't usually my thing, but she used this fun hook is such a clever way. A small decorative knob, in lieu of a plain knob, can transform furniture, cabinets and closets. If it were me I'd pick THIS one.

Came across these creative alternative to boring hanging plants HERE. I prefer live things to artificial, but sometimes it seems so high maintenance (meaning I've killed over ten indoor plants). But this looks manageable. And though it will be a while before I even attempt these boxes, I had to share this find with you. Aren't these great?!

I've been in a sewing class the past three weeks and I'll have Stephen take pictures of me this weekend modeling my finished products. They're not outstanding, but I don't care because I'm just further confirming that I LOVE TO SEW!!!

On that note, wish me a productive weekend!.....

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A few quick things...

If you have wood floors (I've never used it on tile, though it claims to work well) THIS is the absolute best floor finish/mop solution I've ever used. And to me the biggest marketing tool is word of mouth, so I have to shout this one from the roof tops!

Next, Stephen found THIS article with Dallas listed as the number two city in the U.S. for road rage (and I wasn't the least bit surprised).

And finally as promised, here are my Nordstrom Rack finds finds from my parents visit (because you care right?;). All at least 50% retail price:

Love these lemon yellow shorts, $12.97. And my favorite part of this shirt is the crochet detail, $16.97:


Fairly basic shorts, but I really like the brick red color, $14.97

And saving the best for last....

All I really wanted on this shopping trip was a nice pair of sandals (the shorts & top were sheer bonus) to replace the Coach sandals that I bought 2 years ago (which I happen to be wearing today). And because these were 50% off, my parents insisted on getting them for me. Not only are they cute, but you could probably walk 10 miles in these shoes (look at that sole!). They retail most places right now for $150. And I'm a big advocate for nice shoes (although I LOVE my $5 Wal Mart flippies) because you only have to buy one pair every two or more years (if that). My philosophy is that I'd rather have one nice pair of heels, flats, sandals, etc. instead of several pairs that are average. And my friend Jason (who has some of the best practical smarts I know) made such great sense the other day, here's what he said..."Two things to never go cheap on: tires and shoes. Tires are the only part of your car that touches the ground and your feet are the only part of your body that touches the ground." Well said Jason, well said.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ceramics & a Slumber party

We had such a girly blast this weekend! Starting with breakfast at the always delicious Dream Cafe. Then we painted pottery at Purple Glaze. Later, after running some errands, I headed out to Eileen's Ranch (I say "Ranch" because her house is tucked away from the road, by a yard about 500 yards long leading to her front door. Then you enter through this darling porch, creatively cluttered with antiques (of course). So cozy, so charming, so Eileen). Eileen made Lasagna, salad and one of the best cookie bars ever! We of course allowed Kylah to entertain us all night long, with her heart felt rendition of High School Musical and various improv songs (side note: Eileen isn't just being "grammy-like" when she gawks over this little one. She truly is darling, easy to be around, and creative beyond her years...seriously you should hear her sing to herself and make the words up as she's going!). And somewhere in there, I sewed for a little bit on her dining room table (pictures to come of the top and skirt I finished in my sewing class yesterday). Overall, such a fun girly getaway.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Visit with the folks (I've always wanted to use the word "folks")

We had so much fun with my parents while they were here last week. Really the best visit I've ever had with them.

And our favorite evening with my parents was their last night here, we went to Five Sixty Wolfgang Pucks new restaurant here in Dallas. This restaurant is da bomb!!! Five Sixty is located "560" feet above ground and overlooks the entire Dallas skyline. And the coolest part is that the floor rotates a complete 360 degrees every hour, so essentially you get a full view of the city every hour (and it goes so slowly you hardly notice it at all). Not to mention the entire restaurant is just completely beautiful, everything is done in tasteful wood, stone and glass, etc. A MUST if you're ever in Dallas.

Here are our faces from this week:

This was the night we took them out for their 24th wedding anniversary

This was the night at Five Sixty. And let me take this opportunity to add that Stephen took these pics with a point and shoot and he did fabulous. I mean look at this cool image! Isn't he awesome?! (And unfortunately I don't have photoshop or anything close, so I can't doctor these to be even fancier).

My mom bought us matching scarves, isn't she so cute in hers?

The table lamp in the lobby, us in the background waiting for the elevator

On the way up inside of the elevator (see, I told you my hubby has skillz):

Mom and Dad shared Prime Rib

I ordered the duck and didn't like it, so my honey switched with me

And I ate his delicious seafood curry...oh wow...way too good

..and contrary to this picture, my mother was totally sober ;)~ hehe. I love you mama.

And of course we did some shopping and I'll post more finds from that later this week. Not thrifting or garage saleing (as we both wou'd've liked to do, but didn't have much time), but actual retail store shopping. I had the most therapeutic outlet store experience ever---HERE.

And on a different note, God has been doing a really sweet thing in my heart since my parents left and I'm going to share my thoughts about it later this week. All I can say is that He is so good to me. And so faithful.

I'll leave you with a picture of Stephen and I from this past weekend at the Sample wedding.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Our weekend and parents in town...

We met up with some friends at the Londoner on Saturday (b/c Andy is in town from San Fran). And we love any time we can get with Jason and Peyton:

Yes ladies, I agree, he's such a "hunka bunka" burnin love!...

Me and Peyton

Greg, Andy, Stephen, Jason (Peyton, aren't are hubby's so handsome?!)

Jason and Peyton

And I went to a baby shower for my friend Stephanie Cozby, who lives in NYC:

This is my friend Judy

And Xanthi...

...who insisted on taking like 6 shots of me and Judy and I didn't understand why...until I took a picture with her---this woman can't hold still or keep her eyes open! See what I mean?! (but she's too fun to be around:) parents are in town! They were actually not due to get in until tonight, but they got here at noon!!! We went to Breadwinners for lunch today:

And they came bearing gifts, my favorite kind of gifts, heirlooms!
Here's a sneak preview: