Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"Quick" food review

Okay I don't consider myself a fast food person, but in my busy schedule, I get food on-the-go at least two or three times a week for lunch or dinner. So as I'm sitting here today, eating one of my favorite salads, I thought I'd write a review on what exactly I like to eat on-the-go (and please tell me your favorites!):

I want to classify the following as "quick" food, instead fast food, because there's not nearly as much grease & preservatives floating around these joints (and isn't that what comes to mind when you think of "fast" food?).

In order:

1) Chick-Fil-A. ROCKS!

If I'm feeling naughty:
-Grilled chicken sandwich "with fries" and Dr. Pepper (and dare I say I dip the fries in my own mixture of mayo and ketchup...doublely naughty)
-Chicken strips salad with a diet lemonade (addictive lemonade)
-Oreo Shakes (too delicious), sometimes Stephen and I go just for these milkshakes.

If I'm feeling nice: Grilled chicken salad with a diet lemonade (seriously, it's really good for diet and I'm never a fan of diet drinks)

If I'm feeling Cheap: Grilled chicken sandwhich (under $4)

*Look how long my naughty list is, uhh oh.

2) Pei Wei (fast food version of PF Changs, do you have this in California?)

Naughty: Thai Mango chicken with white rice and my budget lemonade (I add their orange slices, lemons and a sweetnlow)
Nice: Vietnamese Chicken Salad Rolls or Asian Chopped chicken salad and my budget lemonade.
Cheap: Kids chicken teryaki sub mongolian sauce, add brocolli, brown rice (under $4) and of course my budget lemonade ;).

3) Salata (salad bar)
I get the same thing every time. Salad with a combo of spinach, spring-mix, and a bunch of add-ins (beans, feta, raisins, etc). The downfall to this place is you must spend a minimum of $8 for the cheapest salad (and that's without any meat). I most often go here when I'm going to split with a friend because they're big enough to share.

4) Central Market
I also get the same thing here, a spinach salad with a bunch of goodies. I love that you make it yourself and you pay by the pound here. However, it's kinda out of my way, so I don't go here for lunch or dinner on a regular basis. But if it was closer in distance this one would be #2.

Now tell me your most favorite food-on-the-quick (phhft because what better things do we have to talk about then "food" ;) ...


Vicki said...

My fav is Colin making a quick sandwich for me. There aren't too many of the other good choices of fast food here:))

Rhonda said...

Great list!
There are a few PeiWeis in Southern CA, but not anywhere near me. I've heard they are really good though. My PeiWei alternative is Pick Up Stix. YUM!
My list would include Chick-Fil-A, In-N-Out, Pick Up Stix, & Baja Fresh. The Walmart Deli has some pretty awesome options too.

Jolene Grace said...

I LOVE Chick-fil-A's southwest chicken salad...YUM. Their grilled chicken sandwich is delish too...and I indulge in the fries as well. Del Taco is my #2...especially with this pregnancy. Ooo...Rhonda's suggestion of Baja Fresh made me miss it...I'll need to visit one soon. :-)

Jessica said...

What a fun post :) It sounds like you have some way yummier quick food options than we do. I'll have to do a similar post :)

And by the way I didn't know you were going to Alaska! How great! You will LOVE it :) I am so excited for you!

Christy said...

I LOVE In N Out. Your going to Alaska?

Chelle said...

feel ya on central market, especially during burgers and boch, herb fest, hatch chili festival..

also a fan of la madeleine, freebird, any vietnamese pho place, the lunch box... the list could go on forever.