Thursday, May 28, 2009


And for those of you who aren't familiar with clay pigeon shooting (and for those who care), see THIS post.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Belated pics...

Here are a couple sets of pics from the last month that I haven't had a chance to post yet:

Grandma and Grandpa's visit in April:

My friend Emily Avalos graduated from PA (Physician Assistant) School and her family threw her a party:

More to come....

Friday, May 22, 2009

Crafty Itch...

I've been wanting to make my friend Jenny a necklace for her birthday similar to THIS necklace from Anthropologie. I went to Anthro and studied it twice. But as I looked through the fabric selections at Joann's and Hobby Lobby, I realized it's almost impossible to buy that type of chiffon (textured, doesn't easily fray) so I saw THIS post about felt yesterday and my wheels starting turning. Then my friend Jessica emailed me THIS link (btw Jess, I love that you send me little crafty project ideas, it makes my day :) and I put it all together. And some of you seamstresses won't like this, but I didn't stitch a thing---I used a fine tipped hot glue gun for every detail (one of my most brilliant purchases ever). Now truthfully, I'm not so proud of this necklace, it's a little too homespun for my liking, but it's the first time I've been crafty in a while and it felt really good to create something. And Jenny is one of the few friends that I know could rock a necklace made out of felt.
My personal opinion is that if you wear a shirt with a neckline that follows the necklace it kinda looks like it's part of the shirt and it works.

Happy 3-day weekend everybody. We may go to the Fort Worth Zoo, what are you going to do?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

To all Fellow Bloggers....

Please forgive the "10" day gap in between posts. Aye yi yi. Life is slightly more effortful now, better in many regards, but my commute is about 30-45 mins each way and I have been carrying a more full load at work, thus, I haven't had as much time to blog (and to me blogging seems a much more valuable use of my time, go figure). So...I will leave you with this friendly sign posted on the end of our street corner, and a promise to make up for lost time by posting lots and lots of pictures in the next 10 days.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Our weekend...

Stephen surprised me on Thursday and told me he found a deal on for a nice hotel. So we spent Friday and Saturday night at Holiday Inn Express in Addison and it was GREAT, here's our room:

Then we attended a discussion hosted by whom I now consider one of my favorite speakers "ever", John Eldredge. His message was titled "Fathered By God":

Our Program (backwards I know, it won't save correctly!):

I would encourage everyone to purchase this book "Fathered By God". He broke up the stages in a man's life according to roles and he characterized each role according to the age period in a man's life.
He also talked about the wounds that occur if the father isn't present or isn't able to lovingly father in any given stage.

What sets John Eldredge apart in my mind is that he approaches his relationship God and his process of letting God heal him in the most unconventional, yet authentic way I've seen. His love and deep deep passion for Jesus is contagious. As he opens in prayer, you feel goosebumps and the welling of hot tears at the sincerity of his pure love relationship with God. And his message is no different, he captivates you the entire hour and half.

A PODCAST is also available of the message we heard on Friday night. And if you haven't already read "Waking the Dead" that is another book that turned my faith and my approach to art & life & creativity upside down. He's also the author of "Wild at Heart" and "The Sacred Romance".

Then Saturday afternoon we watched the Mavericks game at the Bunkers house. I made my spinach salad and the guys broiled chicken (what proved to be a dangerous undertaking). Stephen got some shots of Caleb (not) eating his pears:

And Sunday we participated in our dear friend Lindsey's dedication of her son, Cayden. We have been privileged to walk life with Lindsey over the past year and witness God do such amazing things in her heart and her relationships. Her innocent faith is so fresh and it has really renewed parts of my trust in God that had grown cold.

And just for kicks, here's one of my new roommates, Dixie. She actually thinks she's Stephen's girlfriend. When I hug him she aggressively barks and tries to jump me. (And no this isn't our dog, this is one of Stephen's parents' boxers...the other boxer is my baby, pictures for sure to come).

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"Quick" food review

Okay I don't consider myself a fast food person, but in my busy schedule, I get food on-the-go at least two or three times a week for lunch or dinner. So as I'm sitting here today, eating one of my favorite salads, I thought I'd write a review on what exactly I like to eat on-the-go (and please tell me your favorites!):

I want to classify the following as "quick" food, instead fast food, because there's not nearly as much grease & preservatives floating around these joints (and isn't that what comes to mind when you think of "fast" food?).

In order:

1) Chick-Fil-A. ROCKS!

If I'm feeling naughty:
-Grilled chicken sandwich "with fries" and Dr. Pepper (and dare I say I dip the fries in my own mixture of mayo and ketchup...doublely naughty)
-Chicken strips salad with a diet lemonade (addictive lemonade)
-Oreo Shakes (too delicious), sometimes Stephen and I go just for these milkshakes.

If I'm feeling nice: Grilled chicken salad with a diet lemonade (seriously, it's really good for diet and I'm never a fan of diet drinks)

If I'm feeling Cheap: Grilled chicken sandwhich (under $4)

*Look how long my naughty list is, uhh oh.

2) Pei Wei (fast food version of PF Changs, do you have this in California?)

Naughty: Thai Mango chicken with white rice and my budget lemonade (I add their orange slices, lemons and a sweetnlow)
Nice: Vietnamese Chicken Salad Rolls or Asian Chopped chicken salad and my budget lemonade.
Cheap: Kids chicken teryaki sub mongolian sauce, add brocolli, brown rice (under $4) and of course my budget lemonade ;).

3) Salata (salad bar)
I get the same thing every time. Salad with a combo of spinach, spring-mix, and a bunch of add-ins (beans, feta, raisins, etc). The downfall to this place is you must spend a minimum of $8 for the cheapest salad (and that's without any meat). I most often go here when I'm going to split with a friend because they're big enough to share.

4) Central Market
I also get the same thing here, a spinach salad with a bunch of goodies. I love that you make it yourself and you pay by the pound here. However, it's kinda out of my way, so I don't go here for lunch or dinner on a regular basis. But if it was closer in distance this one would be #2.

Now tell me your most favorite food-on-the-quick (phhft because what better things do we have to talk about then "food" ;) ...